Man from Kenya Shares Money Spells that Worked

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We recently had the privilege of speaking with Warari Mũrira, a man from Kenya. He shared his experience with money spells. Please hear what he has to say!

My Experience Using Money Spells in Kenya

If a few months ago I had been told about these ways to get money fast, I would have laughed myself to death. Few people in Kenya believe in using money spells.

But 6 weeks ago, I really needed to get money fast. I tried to practice a few money spells and I couldn’t be more wrong!

I’m not talking about getting income through doing online surveys or finding an extra job for supplemental income. I am talking about rituals to get money. And yes, they work! I encourage more people in Kenya and abroad to try them as well.

If you want to attract more money into your life, you must first train your mind to think about that money. This is the key to making your spell work.

Money or wealth is a state of mind. That is why I decided to share these money-making spells. I’ve been using them for the past 6 weeks and have gone from having no more than $300 in my account per month, to earning almost $1000 per month from home!

3 spells for fast money

When money begins to run out, it is necessary to tap different sources to put some money flow into your pocket. If you rely on spells to get money fast, they can be the key to opening the way to finding ways to get more wealth.

1. With a little sugar…

Sugar doesn’t just attract, but also money. Google this year’s lunar calendar to see when the next full moon is. On a full moon day, put a bill of any denomination in a bowl of sugar.

Another alternative money spell with sugar is to take a glass and fill it with honey and water in equal parts. Then place 3 coins inside.

The next day, take the note you put in the sugar or the 3 coins in the honey. Wrap it in cellophane (or any other transparent) and always carry that note or coins in your wallet, close to your money.

2. A spell by candlelight

A money spell that works very quickly involves taking two black candles (black is the color that attracts all the colors and energy of the universe) and engrave on the sides your name and the words “money”, “wealth”, “rich” and other related powerful words.

You can engrave these words with a knife or any other sharp tools. Light the candles and hold them firmly between your hands until your pulse speeds up.

Visualize what you want and say out loud:

“These candles bring me well-being and wealth. In no way will this spell bring me suffering or negative effects!”

When you are finished, extinguish the flame with a spoon, a candle extinguisher, or with your fingers. Never blow them out, because it would change the meaning of the spell.

Do this money spell on Thursdays, Fridays or Sundays, the days when the Sun, which is Jupiter, and Venus are honored.

Light the candles every night until they are completely finished. Repeating this money spell every day will make the spell stronger and make your mind more attractive to wealth and money.

3. A walnut and your purse to attract a lot of money

Take a walnut and carefully open it with a knife in the middle. Make sure that no piece of the shell is broken.

Eat the inside of the walnut, and put some crushed bay leaf, ground nutmeg, cinnamon and a golden coin that fits well inside the walnut shell.

Close the walnut with all the ingredients inside. Take some glue, tape or cellophane to stick the two halves of the walnut shell. Do not separate the halves of the shell and always carry them with you in the bag as if it were an amulet near your purse.

If you cast this spell, you will attract money quickly. This ritual is quite effective, but if you want to increase the chances that it will work better, do it on December 31st before 12 o’clock in the evening.

I hope you appreciate these money spells! If they can work for a man in Kenya like me, then they should help you as well!

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