Fascinating Money Spells from South Africa

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One of my readers is from South Africa and he shared money spells that are worth trying out. You don’t have to live in South Africa to use them though. They will work anywhere!

Our Friend from South Africa Has Shared these Wonderful Money Spells

For many centuries, money spells have been practiced by witches and sorcerers to help people achieve and fulfill their financial dreams, goals and desires. They work in many ways. Sometimes they channel positive energies that bring money into our lives. They can also ward off bad energies that bring financial misfortune. Here are some money spells that are easy to perform at home, with simple materials and very effective results. These particular money spells are from South Africa.

Ritual to attract money with good luck

There are many ways that good luck will bring more money into our lives. You can perform the following money ritual to bring good luck and financial prosperity. You will need a lot of faith and the following ingredients:

-1 green candle.

-12 coins.

-1 tangerine.

-Cinnamon on a stick.

-Petals of 2 red roses.

-1 bottle with lid.

-1 old lottery ticket.

The 12 coins represent the twelve months of the South Afrian lunar calendar, the 2 roses represent love in pairs, the tangerine represents abundance, the cinnamon represents passion and the old ticket represents luck in the games we want to attract.

Place the tangerine at the bottom of the jar. You must put the lottery ticket around the tangerine, followed by the coins, petals and cinnamon on a stick. Cover with water and then cover the jar. Place the candle on the lid of the jar and light it.

The next day, you must replace the candle with a new one. On the third day, you will uncover the jar and discard everything but the coins. The coins will serve as an amulet keeping 11 of them at home and the other should always be carried with you.

South Africa coin ritual to bring the money

Money certainly doesn’t buy happiness, but it does bring you closer and help you achieve it. Money is essential in life. With the following ritual you will be able to attract money and improve your finances. You will need the following:

-12 coins.

-Mandarin oil.

-1 yellow candle.

-1 plate.

Place the lit candle in the center of the plate and place the 12 coins around it in a circle. Spread a few drops of mandarin oil around it. Mandarin has been used for centuries as a symbol of abundance. Then you will light a candle every day at the same time for 12 days. Repeat on the same date each month for 3 months.

Ritual to attract money with pink and red candles

These money spells can work great if you use them well. They use the same ingredients that you would use for a love spell, but they can be repurposed to bring money into your live. The materials generally used to perform these rituals are simple and easy to acquire, which is why they can be performed comfortably at home without the need to go to witches or sorcerers. They have worked well for South Africa residents for many years.

Performing this ritual on the night of the first day of the week followed by a bath will achieve excellent results. The necessary materials are:

-1 pink candle.

-1 red candle.

-Petals of 2 red roses.

-Petals of 2 white roses.

-Almond and cinnamon powder.

-1 cup of rose water.

In a quiet place without distractions, place a mirror and stand in front with the candles lit. Look into the reflection of the flame in the mirror and stare at it. Visualize the money that you want to get. Repeat the amount of money that you want to get 3 times. Then mix all the other materials in a large enough container and let stand for 20 minutes. Wait for a while and submerge a fine red cloth and pass it through your body always visualizing the money you want to attract. End the spell with a shower of clean water.

Spell to bring prosperity to your life and home

If you feel that you need more money in your life, then this is another great spell to try. The following spell will attract prosperity in love, finance, work, health, food and harmony at home. For this ritual you will need the following materials:

-100 grams of rice.

-100 grams of lentils.

-12 grapes.

-Petals of 1 red rose.

-12 coins.

-Mandarin oil.

-Coconut oil.

-Almond oil.

-1 white candle.

-1 green candle.

-1 red candle.

-1 yellow candle.

-1 large plate.

-3 small plates.

-1 cup.

Sit in a corner or corner of your home and place the large plate with lighted candles and around it. In the form of a semicircle, place the three small plates. In one of the small plates place the rice, the lentil and the grapes, in the other the red rose petals and in the last one the coins. In the glass mix the oils and sprinkle a few drops on each of the small dishes. Perform once a month and especially when Christmas is approaching, these days the positive energies are in the air and favor this ritual.

Here are a few wonderful money spells from South Africa. They may have originated there, but they can be used anywhere in the world. We hope you try them and get great results!

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