Psychic from Auburn, MA Shares Insights on Developing Extrasensory Gifts

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John Montgomery, a psychic from Auburn, MA has shared some insightful tips for people looking to develop their psychic gifts. We can increase and improve psychic abilities, like any behavior. You can start learning by taking these 7 Steps to Improve and Develop Clairvoyance-Clairvoyance practice.

If you follow the seven steps below and practice for seven days in a row, you will experience more consistent and reliable psychic images.

STEP 1: Release fears of seeing the future

According to our expert from Auburn, MA, studies show that young people have the highest rates of psychic abilities. Children often “extinguish” their psychic abilities because of fear. This fear may come from inconsiderate adult observations. Adults tell them, for example, that their invisible friend is just their imagination. Other times, parents tell their children that psychic perceptions are bad.

And what do we do then in this first step?

Whatever the source of fear, this emotion must be released to regain our clairvoyant power.

One of the best ways to get rid of fear is to say an affirmative phrase.

In a comfortable position and take two or three very deep, slow breaths.

As we inhale and exhale, we say these words silently or aloud:

“I am willing to release all fear of seeing my future. Psychic abilities are a gift, not a curse.”

STEP 2: Ask a specific question

I will never tire of saying it. If we want clear answers, the key will be that we ask.

As with summoning the genie of the lamp, we have to know which key to touch. If we ask the right question, we will receive the answer we need.

STEP 3:. To invoke psychic abiliites, try breathing and concentrating on the “third eye”.

After asking your question, take three slow, deep breaths. Concentrate on the space between your eyebrows. According to John and other Auburn experts, this is an energy center, known as a “chakra,” that activates psychic insights. This area of the chakra contains a “third eye”, which provides psychic images in response to questions. As we inhale, we will imagine an oval shape between the two eyes.

We observe whether this “third eye” has its eyelid closed, open, or partially open.

If the eyelid is closed or partially closed, we will ask for it to be opened.

And what do we do in Step Three?

We will reaffirm our willingness to free ourselves from the fear of seeing psychically.

Once the eye is open, you will be rewarded with a feeling of happiness.

As you practice it you will complete yourself with a long lost part.

STEP 4: Concentrate on the images that appear

Psychic images generally come in four different ways.

First, as a single inner image.

Second, as a single image that is seen outside.

Third, as an image of the film inside your head.

Fourth a movie image out of your head.

Images can be black and white or color.

Sometimes, they may appear as a painting or a cartoon. John Montgomery has said that being a psychic in Auburn has made this easier, because people in Central Massachusetts are more intune to these types of things.

STEP 5:. Increase the brightness and size of images

Just think of this phrase: “Images, I ask you to grow in size and strength, NOW!”

With that powerful intention and decision, the images will instantly appear.

As we say it, they will become bigger, brighter and bolder.

STEP 6: Ask for interpretation and clarification of your psychic visions.

It is necessary to know the meaning of the images in order to interpret them.

If we are not sure what they are trying to tell us, we will ask for clarification.

“What does this mean?”

We will receive an answer as a feeling, thought, or sound.

If the answer is not clear, ask differently.

The spirit world wants to help us receive information and will work to make us understand the answers to our questions.

STEP 7:. Trust in what you see

This last step is crucial, because if we play at imagining, opportunities are lost.

We will gain more confidence if we keep a record of the images.

Make sure you keep a record of each psychic image.

This way, you’ll learn how reliable what you see is.

You will also have to interpret the personal symbolic language.

These tips should help you learn more. We are grateful that our psychic from Auburn, MA was able to share these wonderful insights. Thanks for the tips, John!

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