Answers from a Psychic in Bridgewater on How to achieve clairvoyance

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Are you trying to learn to become a psychic? Bridgewater has an expert that is willing to share some great insights. We are pleased that he shared them with us. Please welcome these responses from Erik Addison, one of the best psychics in Massachusetts.

Lessons on Psychic Abilities

You may wonder what clairvoyance is. Well, according to our renowned psychic from Bridgewater, clairvoyance is a capacity for extrasensory perception, which some people have and allows them to receive information about events near to occur in the future.

The truth is that scientifically, this ability is not proven. However, many people over the years preach their existence and claim the ability to have this gift of psychic sight.

This perception is characterized by the magnificent ability to capture phenomena that other people are not able to feel. Clairvoyance has the capacity to reproduce images in the mind of the psychic that help him to perceive situations that will occur in the near future.

Telepathy, on the other hand, has nothing to do with this peculiar capacity. This is why many psychics are skeptics of the existence of telepathy.

 What is a psychic?

We call someone a clairvoyant or psychic if they have the capacity to perceive images of the future that nobody else can perceive and that not even science can explain.

How to develop clairvoyance

It is said that clairvoyance is a gift that very few people possess. The psychic gift is usually transmitted from family ancestors, which is to say this gift can be transmitted to you by a grandfather or even an ancestor from two hundred years ago.

Many people want to have psychic abilities and now there are people who say that this gift can develop even if you were not born with the innate gift.

One of the ways they say you can develop this gift is as follows.

Exercise to develop clairvoyance:

This exercise consists of mental projection to achieve clairvoyance.

What should be done is to project a mental image in which one envelops that image in astral matter.

This mental image is sent to the outside world to find out what we need and acts as an intermediary between us and the projection we make, in this way we will begin to receive perceptions.

This exercise, although tired, is very simple and effective. We can start doing it at night before going to sleep to prepare our mind little by little.

By taking deep breaths, we can create a much better environment for psychic projections to flow more easily.

Mainly, we should place ourselves only in our mind, leaving our body in a different place. Once we have the image very clear and feel as if there is a presence in our room, we give the order to go outside the room. This is where we can make brilliant psychic deductions.

We will begin by giving him small orders, and little by little we will intensify the orders.

Once we control our projections we will be able to see everything we want from the far future.

Is it easy to become a psychic or a seer?

This question is asked by many people who are passionate about magic and magical gifts.

We could say that a clairvoyant is continuously training in the subject of astral projection. The study of a clairvoyant never ends, even if his gift is a cradle.

However, for people who do not have psychic insights from birth, clairvoyance makes them go through a great period of difficult trials and long periods of preparation and learning.

The time it takes a psychic to develop his gift will have much to do with the ability to concentrate and project it.

It must also be said that not everyone who proposes it succeeds, because clairvoyance as we have said makes you go through difficult tests that not everyone is able to endure.

One of the most difficult processes in this change is to understand the two basic planes of reality, that which the seer can see and which he can only perceive. This has caused a lot of confusion in many practitioners, as well as other processes that end up causing the apprentice mental and psychological disorders that make them in many cases have to end in treatment.

We appreciate the insights that our psychic from Bridgewater, MA was kind enough to share with us. We hope they help you on your psychic journey!

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