Vital Tools and Tips for Your Witch’s Altar

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Every serious witch needs an altar. An altar can be constructed with a few basic tools. Once the altar is prepared, the witch can use it every night to perform her magic recipes and rituals.
In this article, we will recommend the tools that you will need to build an altar to start your journey as a witch. We will begin with the necessary tools for constructing, maintaining and blessing your altar.

Where to place the witch altar?

It is important to choose a suitable space for your wiccan altar.
It has to be a place where you feel comfortable. There will need to be plenty of tranquility, so nobody bothers you.
It can be in your bedroom or it can be in a room that is not used. The important thing is to make sure the space used for the altar is only used for magical work.

Once we have chosen our space we will have to supply ourselves with the necessary tools.

Fabrics to cover the witch’s altar

You should choose a fabric that you like the most. If you are lost for ideas, we always recommend fabrics with a stave, a triquette and a protection symbol to put our candleholders or candelabra on top. Everything you do will be protected and enhanced with this type of fabric.
These fabrics are used to cover a table, and put our ritual tools on top.

You don’t want to let the wax fall on it because it will stain the fabric. To keep this from happening, you will have to choose wide candleholders and that the wax falls inside.
We always have the option of having a white plate without any mark, place it in the center of the altar and here above we will put our candlesticks.

Witch candleholders and candelabra

You have several different options when you are looking for a place to put candles, candle holders loose candelabras of 3, menorah…

Witch incense holder

We will also need different types of incense holders, I recommend that you always have at least one for sticks and another for natural incense, if you like more cones is not a problem but in the market or it will be more difficult to find all the aromas available in this variety.
For the sidebars
We recommend the ones that look like a little box, because although they are a little bit more expensive the ash falls inside and will make it much easier for us to clean the altar.

Natural resin burners

The ones that are used are the metal ones with grid are the best and most practical.
For those who do not know how to use the resin do not worry is very simple: you need the burner, matches and liturgical charcoal.
You will take the liturgical charcoal, (for it we recommend some tweezers since it burns enough, and sometimes it takes a little while to light up). We’ll light it with our matches, and when we see a few sparks jump, it’s ready! We deposit it, slowly in our incendiary and we will place on it the pieces of resin. It is important not to put too much, since this type of incense deceives a lot with the amount of smoke and aroma that it will give off. It is better to wait a few minutes and put a small amount and then go adding if necessary.
Here you have our recommendations:


Of course we need aromas in different formats both incense and essences, which will serve to enhance our rituals, and that our invocations are more powerful.
In addition to of course benefit from the well-known benefits of aromatherapy.
Here we leave the recommendations of some sets, which come in different assortments. Basic aromas for our altar, which will serve us to make our own witch recipes and to do our work.

If you are a masseur or alternative therapist, we strongly recommend that you have a humidifier in your space, you will be able to use the essential oils that we have previously recommended and you will create a totally harmonized space, prepared for your consultation.
If you are not a masseur of course humidifiers are also very useful for you to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy but perhaps if you are just going to do magic work prefer the natural essence burners of all life.

We recommend the two options even though it is not the same to fade an essence than to burn it.
Since the essence burner is the most traditional and natural, we prefer a humidifier since the essence will not be burned and its benefits will not be degraded.


Of course we will need, sets of candles, colors and a marker or burin to record the data we need.
In our case, as we take for granted that you are going to invent your own rituals, and you are going to innovate and do tests, we recommend that you don’t have scented candles since these don’t usually correspond to the color of the purpose.
We have found yellow candles that for example are for prosperity abundance success money, and are scented with the aroma of rue that in this case is to clean purify … And in this case would have nothing to do.

That’s why it’s best to have unscented colored candles and we add the essence we most need at any given time and even the right mixes for each ritual.
If you don’t know the properties and meanings of candles don’t worry, in the witch recipes section you will find everything you need.
Here we recommend the colors of the basic candles to work. You have to bear in mind that in case of doubt the white color is always the best.
Depending on the work we will use candles or candles, but to make any kind of ritual or witch spell is essential that the candles have a size of at least 20 cm, we do not recommend at all neither tea candles nor small and fine candles that are on the market.

Here we leave you the recommendations of the basic candles that you must have.

Amulet of protection of witches

We strongly recommend that whenever you go to perform any kind of ritual spell or invocation, wear a protective amulet, we will only recommend one what is the tetragrammaton.

It is the amulet of maximum protection that exists. You have to wear it hanging on the solar plexus, and you must have activated it to use it, and beneficiaries to the maximum of its qualities.

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