Why Every Witch and Herbalist Needs Wormwood

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In the universe of magic, the Wormwood plant occupies a primordial place. Despite its bitter taste and the strange aroma, plant recognized as “The Mother of all Herbs” a gift from nature.

Outside the medicinal benefits, this great herb that generates a super energy, combats sexual impotence, invigorates, is ideal for those who have long working days or a low fever. It also regulates the digestive system, urinary, helps regulate menstruation, induces sleep and harmonizes the spirit.

In ancient times this herb was known as The Green Fairy or the Green Devil, the “Absinthe” originally used a wormwood syrup to lower the fever.

But it was the witches in ancient times who knew the power of wormwood to open the doors to other worlds, visions of the future and to communicate with the elements of nature. Great artists were inspired and created great works with the muses of wormwood.

Some uses include:

  • Wormwood can be cut on the night of novilunio and conjure benevolent spirits
  • Oil conjured from the Green Fairy or Green Demon.
  • The following rituals are performed with magical plants

For luck

Place a leaf of wormwood in each shoe when you need to attract luck to do some work, contract or job.
Place three leaves under the mattress at the foot of the bed to attract profits while you sleep.
Burn it in the kitchen to summon the magic green fairy. (This fairy will be obtained in Candle soon in Wicca) Burn a leaf of wormwood then gather the ashes and tie them to a coin will attract a great fortune. This must be done during the
Novilunium nights.
Burning a green devil that is the spirit of wormwood on a Tuesday night brings luck, happiness and great abundance to your home.
If you hang seven pieces of wormwood at the entrance of your house, luck will never be lacking.

For love

Place a red fairy in the underwear drawer with a bouquet of dried wormwood. Leave it for seven days, after which you must burn the candle just before midnight next to a black garment. Then wear it the following day. You will realize the power of attraction you will exert on the opposite sex and as your partner will be much better. An illuminated interior with the red wormwood fairy gives power.
Witches say that placing a bandage on the forehead with seven leaves of wormwood and a Sunday afternoon to lie down in a meadow will bring revealing images of love, betrayals, deceptions or happiness. This must be done with care because there also appear revealing images of the future.
The witches use the wormwood in oil to have greater clairvoyance when reading a Sortilege or to practice some mancia that is an oracle and speaks of the future.

The oil is applied a drop on the forehead, one in each hand, rubbed and proceeds to interpret the oracle.

For money

You must place the candle of the fairy or the green devil on a plate, (This figure will be obtained in Candle soon in Wicca) and surround it with rice. During two phases of moon beginning by novilunio until the night of full moon and every day is placed under the rice, coins or bills, when it burns the candle in a magical way, days later you will obtain many times what you have saved.
If you use oil to moisturize coins or bills, they will attract more fortune.
If you use the oil on your feet during a stormy day, the money will flow intensely.
Remember you must have some kind of business, or the door must be open for the money to arrive, if you do nothing, you will have nothing. By more magic power there must be a way for money to come, if you don’t have it you must create it.

If on a full moon night the green demon burns on a coin and says the next spell that coin is turned into a mara, you can use it to attract the luck of the money or you can conjure it in the name of another person to do well for you. (Remember that there are no free rituals)

With the sacred candles, the enchanted plant, with the wormwood thousand things will have, always in its home cannot lack, neither the oil nor the plants that in the magic can help him.

To realize, try to let your intuition guide you, use wisely the drops and leaves, mix, cover, robe, change, be surprised will be. However, in the school of magic, many secrets you will find.

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