Surprisingly Powerful Revenge Spells to Punish Your Foes

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Black magic can be defined as an interpersonal relationship which uses its power to manipulate the sacred, causing different types of illness or disease.

This black magic or witchcraft has its origins in the action of a sorcerer, a healer or anyone who has notions of these practices. These techniques of damage are the curse of words, contagion through corrupted entities, manipulation of the name, clothing or urine, among others.

The black magic to do harm can be of two types, following two procedures as those that suppose the accomplishment of a work with instantaneous effects and those that require a process as manipulating the clothes, photos and dolls that are used as replicas of the subject to spell.

If what you need is to harm a person because they have done it to you before, you can resort to these witchcraft rites to get even with that person and find the peace in your heart that you so desire.

Do these black magic spells to do damage as a form of revenge.

Revenge Prayer

It’s a way of getting karma by your hand, getting the evil back to the one who hurt you. This is quick and easy in which you only have to use a red candle, a pencil and two pieces of toilet paper.

In this case you have to take the candle and light it. Then, cut two pieces of toilet paper and put one on top of the other, writing on them the name of the person you want to avenge.

Then you will slowly slit the toilet paper and burn it with the candle flame, while you recite the following: “I am (there you say your name) and I am going to take revenge on this being for everything that caused me damage, for how many unhealed wounds and for so much pain remained in my suffered heart. I will settle the score, I will make him suffer my pain (name that person) to feel in himself, what I suffer. Let it be so.

To finish when the toilet paper remains are cold, throw the remains in the trash and wait for the curse to be carried out.

Nightmares of revenge

In this way, the spell is used to make the person go through unbearable nightmares over the course of a week. In this ritual you need a black candle and a current photo of the person you want to bewitch.

To do this you must take and light the black candle. Then, contemplate the photograph, while you imagine in your head its worst nightmares.

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He ends by repeating the following words three times in a row: “To you, Hypnos, god of hallucinations, get (say the name of the recipient) to dream of the most horrifying things. During a correlative week, this being will have to pay for his faults by enduring the most frightening nightmares that he cannot bear. Only after seven days that he returns to sleep in normal form. Let it be so.

These are simple ways to harm your enemies with black magic, but never forget that karma can give you back all the evil you have done.

Many times someone hurts us and wakes us up inside that need to avenge us, to make that person suffer just as you have suffered because of his guilt. Wishing evil to someone is not nice, but sometimes it is inevitable. Below we describe a couple of spells using black magic to bring some bad luck to that person who hurt us in his day.

For this first spell we need: A black candle, vanilla incense, salt and black pepper, tape and a piece of paper. We will proceed to cast the spell any night, as long as the sky is already dark. First we light the incense, letting the vanilla smell all over the room in which we are. Then we take the paper and write the name of the person, which we stick to the candle with a little tape and throw over the black candle a mixture of salt and pepper before lighting it. Finally, light the candle and recite loudly and clearly the cstigo we want to apply to the person. A word of advice, you don’t want something very impossible or cruel, because then the universe will dictate that this punishment is not valid and can even be turned against you, very careful with black magic! When the candle is consumed, if the message has been a reasonable chastisement, it will not take more than 15 days to take shape.

Another black magic spell, quite effective, is perhaps the easiest to do and the one that will take the least time. If you want to take revenge on a particular person, and you want that person to have bad luck for an indefinite time, you must first get a photo of the person in which only the person and the whole body is. We will rub a little garlic on top of the photograph and keep it in the freezer while we say ‘May your luck change for the worse, from the moment you are going to be in my freezer’ and leave it there as long as we want. That person will be unlucky from the moment the photo is completely frozen. Beware, this black magic spell will only work if this person has ever wished us evil or done something bad to us on some occasion. If you think you should forgive him and return his luck, remove the photo from the refrigerator when you think necessary.

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