Danish Witch Kindly Shares Friendship and Hair Growth Spells

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We are always looking for witchcraft spells from our readers all over the world. A number have shared some great love spells and money spells with us. It is always nice when a witch shares more great magic spells.

We had a post from a great Danish witch a month or two back. They shared some great spells with us. We are pleased that they recently reached out and shared a couple more.

Friendship Spell

Sometimes we need to get along with one person, despite everything. Life brings us and takes us and sometimes we may find ourselves in a situation where it is important to be able to deal fluently with a person with whom too much has happened. In these cases a friendship spell is perfect. With the sugar friendship spell you will get your relationship to be fluid and friendly, but nothing more.

You don’t always look for a spell to make a man fall in love. A spell come to me can be very useful to generate a friendship. Especially if things have been twisted between the two and there have been misunderstandings. With a spell for friendship with sugar you will get that person to have much more appreciation and is much closer to you.

The friendship spell works for both men and women. It doesn’t matter what misunderstandings there have been in the past. No matter how badly you’ve gotten along, the friendship spell will make your relationship much closer and more harmonious.

Spell of Friendship
The sugar spell can be used to build a friendship with someone you’ve never had anything with. For example, a friend recently asked me for a friendship spell to get along with her ex-husband’s new partner. The marriage had been over for a long time, but they had two children and the children had decided to get along, but their ex’s new partner was a woman who was always causing problems.

I did a tarot reading and saw that the origin of the conflict was the insecurity of that other woman. I had the feeling that my friend might be trying to access her ex-husband through the children. It wasn’t like that at all, she had completely turned the page.

Precisely because she assumed everything was finished she took the liberty of being so close to her ex, because she knew that nothing would ever happen, but her new partner was unable to understand. I explained it to my friend and she understood it the first time, everything was right for her. But she wasn’t going to stop being the way she was or change her ex’s relationship, which was perfect for the sake of the children.

Sugar spell for friendship
I recommended my friend perform a sugar friendship spell. With the sugar spell she would get her ex’s new partner to overcome her fears and end up seeing her as a friend, not a threat.

She did the spell as I advised and things changed in a short time, now the three have a much healthier relationship.

Hair Growth Spell

Learn how to perform the spell with hair to dominate anyone, whether it’s one you love or an enemy. Sometimes the relationship is not working also as you expected, you feel like slowly the love of your life and you are moving away by the monotony of life, you can feel as the flame begins to fade and more and more problems and difficulties appear in his life, for this type of times that can serve the spells to dominate mooring.

This spell does not work only with your partner, for the loved one nothing better than the spell with inner rap, you can also use it with those people with whom you do not combine, for example, that boss who carries them all counted, a personal enemy who has made your life difficult for so long or even with your mother-in-law who have spent years and still do not accept you in his life, for all kinds of people there are the spells of domination type of spells what it is to live a quiet life and without arguments.

Thanks to this type of spells life can be much simpler, as there are many situations where you do not make yourself understood with the other person and discussions will begin, with this spell those problems will not exist.

To perform this spell is extremely important to make an evaluation to see how great is our mental power and spiritual energy, because an essential part for the spell to work is that we can dominate our enemy at will, the important thing in this spell is to have a much stronger mentality than the other person who is going to fall spell, because without this the spell can be weaker and last less time, which nobody wants. Then it is recommended that before doing the spell you train your mind and spirit so that the spell can work perfectly.

Ingredients needed to create the spell with hair to dominate
To create the hair spell to master you need the following ingredients:

A photo, it is recommended that for this spell we can get a personal object from the other person, either a physical object close to this or a piece of his hair.
A black thread
A blanket large enough to cover the object
A container that fits everything
Procedures for creating the hair spell to dominate
The steps necessary to create the hair spell to master are as follows:

First, you must place the object that belongs to the person who wants to dominate, for this specific case takes the hair that has achieved the person, now takes the black thread and with the make 10 knots on the object, with a hair can be a little difficult, but with effort is achieved, when you finish making the 10 knots you must say next spell:

“With these knots I tie to your will, from now on you will be docile and I will dominate you”.

When you have finished saying the spell, you will take the hair you knotted and wrap it with the blanket, after this you will say the next spell:

“Blind you will be before this spell, from now on you will only see what I show you.”

When finished, store the hair in a safe place while the other person remains submissive.

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