8 Tips to Begin Your Path to Learning Astrology

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Learning Astrology and knowing how to interpret a natal chart does not seem easy. There is a lot of information, many planets, many lines of colors and a lot of other confusing details… But if we follow the following 8 tips we will see that learning Astrology is much easier than one can imagine.

In addition, those who embark on the path of learning Astrology find that what they bring day by day more than compensates for the effort they put in. On a personal level, Astrology has not only become my profession, but has also given me a broader and deeper understanding of life and others.

1. Observe and study your natal chart

Our own natal chart should always be our first mirror for studying and “checking” interpretations of astrological traits.

Observing your natal chart has 2 main purposes:

  • To understand the astrological meaning of a certain aspect, such a planet in such a sign and house, etc.
  • To observe things about yourself. Studying Astrology is a true self-discovery: you discover yourself, you see yourself little by little, you recognize yourself in what you are…

Your own natal chart should be the eternal travel companion of your life.

2. Collect natal charts from people close to you

Siblings, partners, children, parents, friends… are people we know on a deep level. We know their behavior and mindset very well. Their natal charts are gold for learning astrology!

Where will Mom’s impulsive character be seen? Will her Moon be a sign of Fire? How will my child’s eagerness to learn be reflected in her Birth Chart? Will it be Mercury or will it be in the Third House?

Famous people like Leo Messi’s Birth Chart, Michael Jackson’s Birth Chart, Adolf Hitler’s Birth Chart, etc. can also serve you. In Astrotheme and Astrodatabank you have excellent astrological databases.

3. Write down your discoveries in a notebook

A notebook or a text document should always be at your side when studying a natal chart. You must write down all your discoveries, which go beyond the descriptions of the books.

One example could be… “The Ascendant shows the natural way of being, while the Sun is the way I want to be…” How many notes of these I have accumulated over the years! I think it’s important to collect what you realize.

4. Accompany yourself with good books of Astrology

Astrology books are not rare commodities. There are thousands on the market, but there are fewer than 100 good ones. Find astrology books that are really worthwhile. And what are those books? In general, good books are those written by renowned astrologers.

In a future article, I will recommend a good list of prestigious books and authors with a psychoastronomical approach, from Dane Rudhyar to Eugenio Carutti.

5. Enjoy!

We only learn when we enjoy. It’s not about studying, but rather about learning. The real learning is done with the child within us. That is to say, we have to enjoy while studying Astrology to learn and integrate this tool.

We should not miss the wonderful experience of being surprised while learning Astrology.

6. Doubt and research

Doubt is a quality of the wise. We do not have possession of the truth. Doubt makes us permeable to other options, and in that incessant search (the card of the Hermit in the Tarot) we find what comes closest to the truth.

As apprentices of astrologers, we must always have the hermit awake, the quality of doubting and investigating, curiosity. To be alive and awake.

7. Take an Astrology Course

Astrologers must be self-taught. I believe that in order to learn Astrology we have to be researchers, readers, questioners, testers… But I also believe that it is indispensable to learn from those who really know. One can only create erroneous ideas of planets, houses, signs, not to mention more complex things such as the ascendant, the solar revolution or synastry.

Taking an Astrology Course taught by a professional and recognized astrologer is necessary to structure all the didactic material and learn to detect the relevant of each natal chart. Moreover, my advice is to make several -if possible- over the years. Don’t just focus on one thing, everyone will give you something!

And first think of a face-to-face course, then distance learning courses.

8. Ask Astrologers

Thanks to the Internet, it is now easier to exchange knowledge. To learn Astrology it is good that you ask Astrologers, if possible, professionals.

On the net there are forums and blogs where you can ask. In Sermasyo you can insert your comments in the articles. You also have a consulting room, in addition to face-to-face and distance courses. The expert’s vision will always help to clarify your doubts.

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