Use Crystals to Create Prosperity

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We have discussed the benevolent properties of crystals in a couple of other posts. We talked about using crystals for healing. We also have posts on using crystals for love. They can also be wonderful if you want to be more financially prosperous.

There are a couple of great reasons to use crystals for prosperity, instead of casting traditional money spells:

  • It is easier to use them if you are new to Wicca or the metaphysical sciences
  • The effects of prosperity crystals can last a lot longer

It is easy to get started with prosperity crystals. Keep reading to learn about three of the best prosperity crystals available.

Mastering the Art of Using Prosperity Crystals

Just as crystals can help us harmonize the energy of love they can also help us understand that prosperity is a state in which we open ourselves to receive all the abundance in our environment knowing that we deserve it and that it is important that this aspect is balanced in our lives.

Prosperity is an energy that moves when we recover our inner power, when we tune into the abundance of the Universe, not in vain is related to the third chakra that is our center of inner power, and this is where the crystals come to help us because they can unblock beliefs, make us see our value and help us channel all our energy.

3 crystals for prosperity
These are some crystals that combined can help us bring and harmonize the energy of abundance and prosperity into our lives, you can use them together or separately.

It is the crystal of merit, of understanding that everything begins to flow better in our lives when we know that Universal abundance also belongs to us, that it is not something external to our own nature.

Tiger Eye
It is the crystal that helps to remove any obstacles, even the obstacles of the mind that do not allow us to tune into the flow of prosperity. Its energy helps us see where the opportunities for growth are.

It is the crystal of self-esteem and the positive, qualities that help us achieve our goals more easily and especially with the certainty that the path will be clear to achieve our dreams.

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To use these crystals you can do so through accessories such as bracelets, pendants, earrings or you can get them raw and put them in a bag that you can put in your purse or leave it on the desk where you work, the important thing is that when you have visualize that energy connects you with your own being and you deserve to have stability and abundance in your life.

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