Amulets of Protection Can Ward Off Evil in All Its Forms

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Since the days of Ancient Egypt and Babylon (and possibly even earlier in human history), white magic has been to protect against all forms of harm. There are a lot of spells that offer temporary protection, but they rarely work indefinitely. It is often better to channel the protective magic into an amulet. Many witches craft amulets of protection to ward off black magic, evil eyes, harmful spirits and malicious individuals.

I decided to create this post about some amulets that help counteract black magic as well as some amulets that serve your protection in other ways.

Amulets for health

In white magic, love spells and money spells are in great demand. This is understandable, since love is the most important thing in life. It brings us happiness. Money is necessary to be able to meet needs and live decently. However, we often forget something just as important as love – our health. Health is not valued or prioritized until we lose or lack it at certain times, but this issue is the most essential, because without health you could not enjoy love in its fullness or money, which is why we will show you 2 of the most powerful amulets for the protection of health.

Fatima’s hand.

This amulet sometimes contains other symbols within it that help to improve its effect, represents blessings, power and strength as well as protection from the evil eye and is considered as a protective amulet. It brings patience, intelligence, intuition and opens the way for pregnant women to lead a birth with serenity, peace and protection, as the main of this amulet is fertility and protect the newborn child from bad energies at the time of birth.

You can use this amulet as a necklace or you can hang it on the front door of your house to protect your whole family. This amulet mainly brings good fortune and happiness to its wearers.


Keys are the most common thing that we will be able to find that can be transformed into an amulet of protection. We use them day by day. Since they are used so often, they are rarely considered as a magical form of protection. They have come to lose their function as an amulet. However, the keys are objects with extraordinary capacities. This especially true of the oldest and heaviest iron keys. These keys are a symbol of power and knowledge. They are capable of attracting good luck and prosperity.

A gold key is an amulet with an incredible protection against the evil eye and if we put three gold keys in a chain we attract health, money and love. Having a set of keys hanging somewhere in the house can bring prosperity and good luck to the home and those who live in it. The keys of closets are not valid to use as amulet, it is always necessary to have as amulet keys that have belonged to doors of houses.


This is a powerful Celtic symbol and has been considered a talisman of good luck and magical benefits since ancient times. It is considered a symbol of good luck, which protects the person or animal that carries it against the evil eye and against the influence of evil presences or witches.

It is a protection amulet, a tool for healing and harmony. It is said that this amulet has the ability to heal any injury or disease by just carrying it on it.

It is a link with the beyond, this amulet has the ability to guide the souls of deceased people with their loved ones on the other side, is a tool that helps when entering a trance.

Seal of Solomon.

Also known as the star of David, powerful and ancient, it brings protection and increases intuition to enjoy love, health and wealth.

Placing the seal of Solomon in the main entrance door of the house serves for a very effective protection, this amulet can also be worn around the neck, mainly provides a counterattack to bad energies or evil eye.

The medal of Saint Benedict

This medal is made to protect our health. It acts as a protection amulet to safeguard our health. It is best to wear it around your neck or as a ring. It is very important to clean the amulet before hanging it, because many others will have used it before it comes to us, so it is best to start from scratch by cleaning it. If you want to get the best protective powers from it, you must activate it with a spell for health protection. You must read this spell at the same time you are hanging it around the neck and this will be ready. It is very important that you do this with a lot of faith.

Here are the words to the spell to St. Benedict:

“O St. Benedict, Intercede for our Holiness, for our health of soul, body and mind. So be it, amen.

Image of Archangel St. Raphael.

This archangel is a protector of your health and also of relatives, depending on who you ask in your spell. You can make an image of this archangel if you like, just printing an image of it on the Internet and plastificas.

Once you have the image and all you have to do is light a white candle every day and preferably small candles so they can be consumed soon, as you light the candle only have to perform the spell of protection and ask for you or the other person to get better health.

At the moment you perform the spell, you must do it with a lot of faith and devotion. When the symptom of the sick person is already ceasing or has ceased completely, you only have to thank the Archangel Michael. You can continue lighting candles for further protection, but it is not really necessary once it has started working.

If you like and preferably the recommendation is that you also get a medal from the Archangel Michael, as this increases the energy of protection that is being provided.

Spell to the Archangel Saint Raphael:

“Archangel St. Raphael, guide us in the way of salvation, help us in our needs, protect us from diseases, bless our family with the grace of your protection, help us in times of sickness, make our homes happy and give us the vision of the Lord in heaven.

St. Raphael, grant us the grace to be always protected by his custody, that he helps us in a moment of help and sorrow, give us his protection as his help and assisted by his help, amen.”

The cross of Caravaca.

It has a great power of protection, this cross denotes the protection of two great archangels, the archangel St. Michael and the archangel St. Gabriel. This cross is ideal to protect from all kinds of evils and negative energies that surround the home and its inhabitants, protects the family economy and brings prosperity.

When Caravaca’s cross is used as a necklace, it offers extreme protection to its bearer, protecting it from accidents, adversities, diseases, evil eye and negative energies, but as always its power depends on the faith that the wearer puts in it.

When we receive it we must do a ritual to purify and bless it, since this moment will have passed through many hands and we want to have it from scratch, for it is necessary to immerse it for 10 minutes preferably in pure milk and then another 10 minutes in water with sea salt, once this is done, recite the following:

Holy Cross of Caravaca, I surrender to your power and I welcome you, I choose you, may your strength take away from me the pain and pain that attacks me today, may the protection be your strong in my favor, may your help come to me.

Blessed and just Cross, what marvelous works you have created for yourself, I praise you, I consecrate to you the most sacred, may the world be welcomed by your strength and we be helped by your help. Amen


It is considered as the most powerful amulet to provide protection and seen against evil, the pentagram acts as a force balancer and the energies express the domination of the spirit towards the elements of nature.

This symbol in antiquity was indispensable in the construction of a new house to protect it from all negativity and bad energies that could be around the new home by placing it on the front door of the house with the badge facing outwards to eliminate all negativity from those who enter the house.

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