Historic Origins of the Hand of Hansa and Its Magical Properties

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There are many talismans and amulets that we can use to get good luck. Some of them come from other cultures. The Hand of Hansa is one of them. It originated in the Middle East around 1,500 years ago and is a powerful amulet used in many countries to this day.

The Hand of Hansa is a Powerful Good Luck Amulet

Most of the blogs on witchcraft talk about spells, amulets and rituals from Europe. I cover some from Latin America as well, because I have spoken with many famous witches and shamans during my travels there. However, there are also a lot of great magical traditions from the Middle East and Asia. One of the amulets that you should be aware of is known as the Hand of Hansa. I have yet to visit the Middle East, but I have learned a lot about the wonderous powers of the Hand of Hansa and think it can be a great amulet to use.

Due to the deep meaning of the Hand of Fatima (or Hamsa), many sites sell very special jewels that represent this talisman and amulets of protection. They work like the Eye of Horus, which is used all over the world.

The Hand of Hansa conveys many blessings. It is also a symbol of strength and is a powerful amulet of protection that is used in many cultures to protect against evil eyes. It is a motif that is usually found in jewelry and is usually made of gold and silver. Sometimes it was made in red and put in the doors of houses to protect homes and families. The number five is associated with good luck for the Arab people and especially for the Berber. The five fingers of the Jamsa have that power to protect.

Why is it also called “Hand of Fatima” and what does it mean?

The origins of the Hand of Fatima amulet go back to the early days of Islam. The prophet Muhammad, founder of Islam, had a daughter, the beautiful and virtuous Fatima, whom Muslims view with great devotion. According to legend, she was distraught when her husband, Ali, came home with a prostitute. She was so upset that she didn’t realize that she had put her hand in a pot of hot stew, until Ali screamed to her. She pulled her hand out of the pot before it continued to burn.

From then on “Fatima’s hand” became an important symbol in the Muslim world. It brings good luck. It also symbolizes many other important virtues. These include discipline and a commitment to monogamy. People using the hand of Fatima have also found that it a powerful symbol of fertility. It is also a powerful protective amulet for women that are pregnant, so it protects the unborn child within the womb.

Do you want to know if you should get a Fatima Hand? It is a jewelry piece (pendant that you can wear on a necklace or on your charms bracelet) that is handmade in sterling silver and decorated with numerous transparent cubic zirconia. It is also available in another version, this precious bracelet that includes in its design this ancient symbol of protection, loaded with meanings. Both are available on Amazon and shops all over the world. You can get a hamsa amulet and know that the halo of protection will always be with you.

Learn more about the amulet

This symbol, also called “hansa” or “khamsa”, is traditionally used in Sephardic Muslim and Jewish cultures, but is now known worldwide. In Arabic, jamsa means “five”; moreover, the same root, J-M-S, is used in the Hebrew language through the use of the term jamésh (in Hebrew, “five” also). This amulet resembles a hand that is opened and extended outward. It is believed to be a powerful form of protection against black magic, evil intentions, the evil ey and feelings of jealousy. The Hand of Hansa is a powerful amulet in both North Africa and the Middle East, because these regions are predominantly Islamic. However, people that don’t practice Islam believe strongly in it as well.

As we stated above, the word itself means “five,” a number that in the Muslim and Hebrew religions has a sacred value. There are several reasons the number five is so important in Islam and Judaism. The Torah has five sacred books. Also, “Heh,” in the Hebrew alphabet, “Heh” is the fifth letter. It is closely associated with one of the sacred names of God.

It is more than a mere curiosity… It has been shown to have great powers for over 1,500 years.

You can also find allusion to this amulet through the name “Eye of Fatima”, as there are some versions of this symbol that include an eye in the hand. However, the most common is to find only the open hand.

About Fatima

The “hand of Fatima” originated from Muslims that wanted to pay homage to Fatima (Fatima az-Zahra, who lived from 606 to 632), the daughter of Prophet Maoma, who married Ali, the father’s nephew.

Many miracles have been recognized by people using the Hand of Fatima. According to legend, Fatima prayed daily in the middle of the desert, her faith was so certain and strong that she was able to make it rain, causing the birth of thousands of colorful flowers in the middle of the tide of desert sand.

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