Developing the Foundation to Practice White Magic

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When speaking of magic, many imagine people dressed in attaching voodoo pins to photos of people, invoking evil and countless other assumptions totally removed from reality.

While it is true that everything depends on the purpose of the magic, it is also true that it contains many energies that can be properly channeled. So the “problem” is not the magic itself, but rather the utility given to it.

Does White Magic Really Work?

Another truth that cannot be refuted is that white magic spells do work, because when a spell is cast a whole series of rites, spells and invocations are formulated that move energies and are channeled to achieve the goal.

For this reason, magic is usually divided into white or black, where white is oriented to good, while black is oriented to evil.

Black magic has two serious consequences, it harms the person(s) receiving the spell and also harms the person who makes it, since in the Universe there is a simple law and that is all that one does comes back multiplied.

That is why we will present powerful white magic options, so that all paths are open and rights, so that love, health and prosperity reign in the home and for the benefit of those who practice it.

Goodness of the Palo Santo

One of the most common and sought after white magic rituals on the Internet is everything related to Palo Santo properties.

The Palo Santo is a species of tree of the Burseraceae family that grow mainly in the Pacific zone of South America, although in many other parts of the world it is also planted.

The wood of the Palo Santo has an aroma that evokes spirituality and its essential oil is of citrus tonality, which is often used in the production of perfumes.

Since ancient times, the shamans of the South American indigenous peoples, including the Incas, considered the Palo Santo as a sacred tree, so they burned pieces of Palo Santo to ward off evil spirits and for purification.

This ancient wisdom is still valid today and the Palo Santo is one of the most used tools in magic for cleansing and purification.

The burning of the Palo Santo gives off an odorous white smoke that transforms any space, removes bad energies and purifies those around and among its properties stand out:

  • It purifies any space. Any negative energy or feeling of heaviness disappears.
  • It attracts healing energies of body, soul and spirit.
  • Cleans any space after having harbored someone sick.
  • It is an aroma that promotes meditation.
  • It is soothing, calms nerves and encourages depressed people.
  • Promotes harmonious relationships between members of a family or workplace.
  • Those who cannot burn the Palo Santo can leave some branches as decoration of a table.

Magic Rituals

Just as Palo Santo has many properties, so in white magic there are many rituals dedicated to love, fortune, health, opening roads, conflict resolution and much more.

That’s why you have to check on the Internet pages where you can find many rituals, such as, to find the perfect ritual for each of your needs.

What kind of white magic rituals can you perform?

There are many great ways to invoke white magic. Here are some examples:

  • Make an unfaithful couple repent and return to their original relationship, asking for forgiveness for the harm done.
  • Ritual to dominate a person (especially the couple), so that she can change her attitude and be humble.
  • A spell so that your hair grows quickly.
  • Spells to bring a business out of ruin and into success.
  • How to make two people separate (this spell is often used to separate a couple from their lover).
  • Spell so that someone only thinks of himself.
  • Rituals for prosperity and good luck in gambling.

Spells for Fortune

One of the most sought after rituals on the Internet is related to fortune, which includes both personal prosperity, family, business and even luck to win in gambling.

One of the most powerful and effective rituals out there is the praying money come to me, which is one of the most effective within the world of magic.

Unfortunately many people do not believe that money comes by itself, as they have a pattern of thinking that associates money as if it were something bad, unworthy and that to earn it you have to fight very hard.

But in reality prosperity (materialized in money) is one of the most abundant blessings of the cosmos, so you only have to open your mind and spirit to receive all the infinite prosperity of the Universe.

The prayer money come to me is not long, it is easy to memorize and contains a series of decrees to receive divine prosperity.

In essence, this consists of statements to open the ways in the here and now, so that the person can receive in the present time all universal blessings, including material prosperity.

Precisely one of the main causes of poverty, disease, lack of love, suffering and everything negative is that the roads are closed.

That is why we have to revise frequently web pages that help to clear the paths, such as, which contain many rituals and prayers designed to open the paths to health, prosperity, love and happiness.

There is a fundamental truth and that is that all good things exist, you only have to open the paths to access the good. It is also true that these paths do not close by themselves, but the same person blocks them with negative thoughts.

How does anyone believe that the Divine can bless someone who does not have faith or is not willing to receive the good? That’s why you have to open your mind, soul and spirit to receive the blessings of the Universe.

With the help of the white magician, your rituals, prayers and spells will obtain great benefits.

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