10 Spells to Get a Job or Improve Career Success

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There are a lot of great spells that can help you find work more easily. There are also spells that will help you thrive in the workplace. Here are some to take a look at.

To avoid discussions at work

Prepare a ceremonial sachet of dark blue color or the color of the mind. Sit inside it and place a mint leaf (the color green gives us feelings of peace) for each of the people who work with us. Close the bag and hold it between both hands. Say the following:

“these herbs to bring me harmony and to give peace wherever they are, especially to (NAME OF THE PERSON) after the invocation we will leave the bag one night in the open and after that period of time we will take it to our workplace either in the bag or in the wallet.”

To attract money and work

Boil a bunch of curly parsley in a large pot. Drain and stir the parsley. Then put the green water in a container. Give yourself the last rinse in the bath every other day (after the normal bath, the last water is parsley-not lather) for one week with this water. You will see the results in a week.

To achieve professional success.

On a full moon night, place your title or an element of your work in a perfectly closed bag. You must be outside and place it on the ground (earth) carefully make three mounds of earth diagonally over the bag and nail over the same three pens. Say the following three times:

“The success is mine, the success is mine, the success is mine and ready the success will be yours in two hours”.

Spells for a boss that is hostile towards

You will need a nail, one clove and some oxidized oil. Stick the nail in the oil and place it in a doorway through which your former boss or offender passes; the magnetic energy of this magic will help your offender apologize or get his job back.

Spell for a job interview

You will need one meter of white tape and another light. You will need a blue, pink or white candle, a glass, a white sheet, white cloth. Tie the ribbons to the candle if it is a blue man and if it is a pink woman, then light the candle and on returning from the interview throw away what has melted and the ribbons to the garbage can.

For a person to walk away.

There is a medal called San Benito. You can get it in any religious image shop, novenas, etc.

Help yourself with the prayer of a good sorcerer and speak the name of the person who you want to drive away. Leave him in peace in his place of work. It is placed somewhere that is not visible on your desk and that for nothing is going to throw. After a while, you will see that this person by his own means leaves work and you will rest from his presence.

Get a job.

You will casts this spell with three pills. You spend the whole body asking that work is yours as you use  them. The first pill is placed in the boots out of your home. The second pill on the way to the place and the third pill the boots in the dumpster at the reception of the place where you want to stay working but the boots you don’t let someone throw it to you.

To keep conflictive people away from work

To keep a person away from a job, place mustard seeds, and black chicken powder in the area where you work. It can be on the floor or under your desk. You get these two products from health food stores or esoteric stores.

Liberate paths for work

In a celestial paper, if it is man, pink if it is woman, to place complete names and date of birth, to put in a plate, to take honey and to her to place it frees ways and attracts money, to mix everything, placing it in the plate, on the paper, then to place 21 golden coins to him that are in use, to veil it during seven days, with a green candle each day, to the eighth to deliver it to the consultant, who dispatched it in a street very busy, in the corner. Very effective.

To improve your relationship with the bosses

On a Wednesday afternoon at just three o’clock he lights an orange candle and inscribes on it the name of your boss(s). Spread it with cardamom and bergamot essence. Machaca is mortar parsley, nutmeg, mint and cinnamon. Place the set of herbs in a small amulet bag that you will take with you to work. Let the candle be consumed. Note* If you could get the boss to touch your bag, the spell would have more power!

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