Are There Love Spells that Require Nothing for Ingredients?

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There are many people that want to cast love spells. However, they don’t want to go through the hassle collecting lots of ingredients. They are especially not interested in working with candles, because flames are dangerous.

Fortunately, there are indeed some love spells that don’t require anything. Here is the history of a widely used spell to spice up a relationship. The best thing about it is that it requires nothing! You don’t need candles, crystals, basil or any other standard ingredients.

The History of A Love Spell that Doesn’t Require Any Ingredients

If your partner has gotten bored in bed or wants to see an increase in sex in your marriage this will.

Women may have this spell placed on their boyfriend or spouse without their knowing it or with their permission.

A well-known tradition in Palo, Voodoo, Candomble and other African traditions based on Yoruba is that a spell was used in the Orisha Shango to cast one of their wives.

Shango had three wives: Oshun, Oba and Oya. Oshuna and Oya conspired together to uncover the secrets of Shango’s power and perform a curse on Oba, whom they did not like.

This curse was to break Shango and Oba, sending her away and away from him.

According to the story, Oba was thrown, in favour of Shango, and sent to live in a river.

The ritual used is still practised as a key component of Yoruba magic. This is a ritual that is only used and practised by those initiated directly into the original Yoruba spiritual tradition.

It is not found in Voodoo or Palo, in Obeah or any other form of African religion.

Of course, there are spells of this nature everywhere, but not as pure and ancient as this form.

This spell destroys relationships and separates people. It can be used in situations where someone has stolen from their spouse or partner.

It is a curse but does not harm the person physically or in any other way apart from the relationship.

This way you can be sure that the person will come back to you later.

It is also a spell that can be used to weaken or demoralize enemies.

It was used this way by Fon and Yoruba kings.

By destroying the relationships of the enemy kings in their kingdoms, they were able to divide the political alliances and become more powerful.

This fact helps explain why a well-kept secret was kept as such by the Yoruba initiates.

As a Yoruba magician, Tata Remi can cast this spell for you.

It should only be used in situations where you are serious about the results because it will break a relationship.

There are spells in all the major African magical arts to make someone fall in love with you.

They all contain very powerful and effective. In our experience, the most powerful are from the Yoruba, Voodoo and Palo traditions.

Because of this, the spells that Tata Remi will do are going to be one of these types.

The type of spell you want will depend on your unique case.

Yoruba and Voodoo spells are often most often used for a man who wants to be with a woman.

A woman trying to get a man will want to use a Palo spell.

This is not a rule 100% of the time.

Sometimes this will have to be reversed.

But as a general rule if you have the opportunity to select one of the three it should be with that guideline.

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