Ayla’s Wisdom: Spells to Do in the Rain

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A rainy day is a great opportunity to connect with nature and do quick magic. A single drop of water contains the energy of death and rebirth. Rain is the sustenance of the earth. Practicing magic on rainy days allows us to increase our understanding of nature and achieve new magical abilities.

I found a couple of great spells from a blog by Ayla, a witch in Germany. You should try them too.

On the next rainy day, use it to meditate deeply. These meditations will help you in a magical sense.

Sit in a quiet inner place and imagine that you are the earth as the rain falls on you. It strengthens and nourishes your body. Let the sound of it hitting the roof soothe you and fill your mind and spirit. Enjoy the feeling of unity and proximity with nature. If you are near a puddle or a place where drops of water hit the water, look at the waves they cause by hitting the surface of the water flowing out. Meditate on how your thoughts, feelings and actions have a similar effect on the energy around us.

Find the center of your being and imagine how you would like the love and joy within you to impact the world around you in the same way.

If you want to cast spells with rain gods and rain goddesses, place a cup of water on your altar before you begin your ritual and paint ray drops or other suitable symbols on your body or around your ritual space.

Remember to call the deity by his or her name. When you feel its divine presence, present yourself with respect and listen to its advice with an open mind and heart. Ask him or her for help in practicing magic for any of the water-related spells, and thank him for his favors with offerings of plants or fresh, pure water.


A simple spell to get rid of worries or other misfortunes:

Think of your desire to free yourself from these afflictions while you do the following:

After it has begun to rain take chalk and go outside, write on a stone or a piece of cement a phrase or word that expresses what you want to get rid of. Your worries will be erased as the raindrops erase what you have written with the chalk.

 You can also limit yourself to walking under it, letting the raindrops fall on your body, erasing the bad energies.

Here is another spell to try. Get yourself an umbrella and chalk. Draw on it a symbol that represents what you want. While you concentrate on it, turn the umbrella “Deosil” (clockwise).

If you want to get rid of something, draw a symbol or drawing on the umbrella that represents what you don’t want, and turn the umbrella “Tuathal” (counterclockwise), concentrating on what you want to banish.

There are also mud magic spells: you just have to wait for the rain to saturate the earth enough to take a piece of mud and model with it a plate the size of the palm of your hand. With the help of a stick or twig, you draw a symbol or hieroglyph of what you want to get rid of. You leave it on the ground so that the rain can undo it while you invoke the energies of earth and sky to help you get rid of it, and watch how the rain erodes the plate and erases the negative energies symbolized in it.

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