Love Spell with a Photo

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The ancient shamans, druids, mages and witches and sorcerers knew elements of Nature with magical properties.

We must always, before making a Spell or Ritual, make sure that it is of White Magic.

Black Magic is dangerous because it puts negative energy into motion at the astral and universal level, which will always return to the one who did the bad magic and will cause irreparable damage because to do Black Magic is to invoke the Evil One.

We always use White Magic. It is just as powerful, but has good energies. We invoke Angels, and Archangels, the dead, God and the Saints.

Today we teach you a spell of Love, that when using a photo, will mean you need to invest less mental energy to visualize the person you love in your mind and you want to tie yourself.

For this Love Tie, you can use any photo: on paper, mobile, WhatsApp or a Facebook profile.

With this spell will manage to attract great love, prevent you from being unfaithful, or conquer the person you like, whether man or woman.

You need:

2 photos, one of the loved one and yours. It is not worth one in which you are together.

2 pieces of ribbon: one red and one white.

2 candles: one red candle and one white candle.

A clean white paper.

Always do this ritual on the Crescent Moon at dawn or nightfall, and only once. Don’t repeat it!

First, light the candles, with a match. Don’t do it with a lighter.

Then, right behind the photo of the beloved person you want to bind with this spell your name, write the plus sign: +, your name, and below a horizontal line.

Under that line, draw a heart and inside the heart write the word “Love”.

Now take your photo and put it face to face with the photo of the person you want to tie. Make a curl around both photos and tie the curl with the ties. Do not cut the piece of ribbon that is on top, on the contrary, tie both ends of the ribbon that are left over with a strong knot.

Wrap the roll with the photos in white paper and seal the white paper roll with the white candle wax and the red candle wax.

Store everything in a drawer: the role and the candles. Do not let anyone see it or tell anyone that you have done this spell.

After three days, throw it all into a stream, a river, a lake, swamp or the sea.

If you know of a friend or relative or acquaintance who is suffering for love, do not hesitate and invite him to enter our page, to meet us, and to do this simple but effective ritual. And tell him to consult our Line of Love, we can solve any couple problem.

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