4 Spectacular Money Spells Without Candles

4 Spectacular Money Spells Without Candles

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There are loads of great money spells that don’t use candles. I understand that candles are a pain for many people to use, especially if you are worried about things catching fire. So, I decided to share some great spells to bring money into your life without them.

Spell to attract money fast if you have a business

If you believe that someone is throwing bad energies at you and your business, do this money spell. Take a clove of garlic and hide it on the floor at the entrance to your home or business.

That way, you won’t get those bad vibes and your business will prosper.

If you want your business to go well, buy a lottery ticket, and give it to the person you most want to make money. If you trust them to reciprocate your generosity, this can work out very well. As you give it to him, say this phrase: “I want you to be rich with my gift, and I want to be rich too.

When you do this, both the other person and you will receive wealth in business.

A Money Spell to Make Tuesday your lucky day!

This quick money spell is a bit more elaborate, but it works very well if you want more money to come in at home.

When Tuesday arrives, buy a white crystal glass without any drawings. When you return home, submerge it in salt water for 10 minutes.

Dry it and then fill it with water. Put the glass in a medium saucer (if possible white) and place coins around the glass in the plate.

Place it near the entrance to your home or business. This will help you start making money.

If you ever spill water or anything else on the plate or the glass falls and empties, then you will need to clean the plate, coins, and glass. Repeat the entire process, because it is imperative that this small altar is always clean and the glass full of water.

Create a circle of prosperity

This is a very effective voodoo spell that will help you immediately attract money. You don’t need any candles for this money spell. You only need a few sheets of paper.

Be sure to make this money amulet during the crescent moon so that its effect is even greater.

Get 3 sheets of metallized paper: one gold or gold, one silver or aluminum, and one copper. You can buy these types of sheets in stationery stores where they sell materials for children’s plastic work.

Next, take the gold leaf and cut out a large circle. Then take the silver leaf and cut out a smaller circle. Finally, take the copper sheet and cut out a smaller circle.

Then take a piece of cardboard, and glue the golden circle first, the silver circle on top, and finally the copper circle. In the center of the 3 circles, glue a picture of yourself.

Then, draw a 6-pointed star and write a 3 above and below, as shown in the next picture:

When you have finished, keep this cardboard in your wallet or purse near where you keep your money so that it acts as a magnet to attract more profits into your life.

This amulet is based on voodoo magic and the power of the Triple Goddess, which is why it doesn’t require any candles. It is really effective when money is urgently needed.

If you want to do other voodoo rituals and simple amulets like this one, download and read the following book in which you will learn step by step how to perform them to bring fortune, love and money into your life:

18 quick rituals for money

Not only are the above rituals valuable, but there are phrases that act like magic to make money as well. Unlike most other money spells, these don’t require any candles when speaking the incantation.

These spells help you to get money. However, it is important that your mind is filled with positive affirmations so that you have money as an ally and attract it to your life.

All these spells should be repeated daily. Choose an hour of the day you like (for example, before breakfast, or in the afternoon) and repeat them a minimum of 3 times each.

You can choose the 4 or 5 phrases you like best, and say them out loud.

Money comes and multiplies

Money is my friend and is present in everything

If I visualize the money in my mind, I’ll have it right here in my hand.

I have the strength to make money

With money I always earn more and it always increases

Money helps me make good investments every time.

When I visualize money, I materialize it in my life.

Money is my friend and comes to me always

I use money wisely

I make a lot of money all the time.

The money came into my life to stay

With the money I buy the house of my dreams and I thank God.

I enjoy getting money from everywhere.

I can attract the money I need in a simple way

Money materializes in my life

I live in a rich universe, there’s more than enough money for everyone.

The universe always gives me money

I attract to my life all the wealth that I desire and deserve

How to wisely manage the money you make

Doing these spells and prayers for money is a good way to improve your economy; but if you don’t know how to manage your profits well, they won’t do you any good, because you will always need to get more and more money.

That’s why I recommend that in addition to doing these money spells. They work great if you don’t have any candles handy!

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