Fascinating Fruit Love Spell from Australia

Fascinating Fruit Love Spell from Australia

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I recently heard a new love spell from a reader from Australia. This reader says that Australian love spells often use fruit as one of their main ingredients. This spell is meant for a man to use on a woman. However, it might work on either gender. I neglected to ask him.

Take a look and see what you think!

A Brilliant Love Spell from a Spellcaster from Australia

Being unable to find love can be difficult and painful. This is especially true if you love someone that does not reciprocate.

Don’t worry – this love spell from Australia can help. This reader from the world’s most exotic and beautiful continent has shared some beautiful love moorings and fruit spells to help you get a girlfriend.

Does the woman you love ignore you? Don’t worry! This spell will help you channel the energies you need to make that person fall madly in love.

What are fruit love spells for?

Fruit love spells are quite effective, because they combine a number of important symbolisms for witchcraft. Since Australia is home to many tropical fruits, it is hardly surprising that witches from that region would use fruit in their love spells.

Fruit love spells: make the woman of your dreams fall desperately in love with you

Some love spells are great for drawing any random person. Others work on someone that has some subconscious desire to be with you, but needs a little push. However, it is trickier to make someone fall in love with you if they have resisted your pursuits.

The following love spell from Australia uses fruit to help you get
with a woman that has not shown the same affections. You will notice that it doesn’t require nearly as many ingredients as most other love spells.

Materials to use

  • Half a coconut.
  • Orange in slices.
  • A white dish.
  • Two white candles.
  • A red candle.
  • Piece of white paper.
  • A red ballpoint pen.
  • A photograph of the loved one. (remember that you could get this from the internet).

Those are the only ingredients you need!

Steps to follow

This fruit love spell must be carried out in a comfortable and intimate space. Our reader from Australia has said that being in a tranquil environment is necessary to invoke the magical energies to make them fall in love with you.

To cast this love spell, you will need to create as an altar where you will create a sacred offering with these fruits.

Place the two white candles side by side uniformly, with a distance of at least one foot between them.

Taking a diagonal distance of one foot more, place the candle in red so that a triangle is formed.

Also, take the white plate and place the orange slices so that they cover the whole surface.

Then, take the red ink pen and write your name on the photograph of the loved one.

Place the photograph in the center of the plate over the oranges.

On the left side of the candle triangle, place half of the coconut.

Finally, with your left hand, light the candles, facing clockwise.

How does this love spell from Australia work?

This is one of the most powerful love spells, combining two important symbols in witchcraft. The first, oranges, is energy, willpower, self-love, and sexual vigor. On the other hand, the function of the coconut is very important, symbolizes the capture of bad energies, is a balancer of energies to make everything flow in the best way.

We hope that you use this spell to its full effectiveness. You will probably be surprised by how quickly you can make someone fall in love with you. Thanks again for this beautiful spell, dear reader from Australia!

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