Try These 8 Honey Love Spells to Win Back Your Ex!

Try These 8 Honey Love Spells to Win Back Your Ex!

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Honey love spells are one of the most commonly used spells both to sweeten your relationship and to recover your ex. In addition, they are very easy to perform and will help you, with their sweetness, to attract your former partner again. There are different types of honey love spells. Here are a few of the best!

Honey Love Spell with a Photo and Red Marker

Write down the materials you will need.
Bee Honey
White paper.
Pen or red marker.
Small glass jar or jar.
Brown sugar.
Wooden spoon.
Love spell with honey to attract your ex.
Love spell with paper
With this love spell you will manage to rekindle his interest in you.
Write your ex’s name on one side of the white paper with the red pen or marker. It will be more effective if you include his two surnames. Write his name three times on top of each other.
Now on the back of the sheet write your name three times. Also with your two last names.
Draw a circle on each side of the sheet that encloses those three names on each side.
Inside the circle write down all the wonderful things you want to happen to you.
Fold the paper three times and put it in the glass jar.
Fill the glass jar until it is full.
As the honey falls he repeats: “(Name of your beloved” love me the same way I love you. Love me so that our love may be as sweet as honey”.

Love spell with photos

The photos are another of the recurrent materials that I usually use in love rituals. Remember that a copy of the photo is also valid. This will prevent you from losing it.
Take her photo and write her name on the back with a red pen or marker. Draw a heart under the name you have written.
Put the photo in the glass jar.
Add three tablespoons of brown sugar.
Fill the jar with honey.
Take the wooden spoon and stir everything while you say the following words: “As this honey moves, may your love move toward me again.
These are just two of the many love spells that exist to recover your ex. Like the ones below.

Find out how to make love spells with honey to sweeten a relationship or to get your partner back. Try the love spell with honey and red candle, the love spell with honey and perfume or the love spell with honey and photos.

Love spells with honey are very effective and easy because the sweetening properties of honey help attract the desired person. These can be used both to rekindle the flame of passion in a relationship and to be more attractive to another subject. In the spells of love with honey is used white magic so they are not harmful, as they only seek the good.

Next, we are going to detail a list of moorings of love with honey to find that special person.

Love spells with honey and paper

This is a spell to attract love and get more attention and interest from you. To make this love tie you need: honey, a white paper and a pencil and a glass jar.

Write on one side of the paper the name of the person you love and on the other side place your name three times on top of the other so that they cross. Then, write down your wishes around the names, forming a circle. Finally, fill the honey jar, fold the paper into four pieces and insert it into the jar, repeating the following: “Just as honey is sweet, so shall you be to me.

Love spells with honey and photos

This homemade love tie serves to captivate that special person. In this case it is used: a glass jar, a photo of the beloved person, honey and brown sugar. To begin with, put the photo of the person to be attracted in the glass jar and fill the jar with honey and three spoonfuls of brown sugar.

Then stir well with a spoon until the picture is completely covered, visualizing the special person as you recite nine times the following: “Everything sweetens, everything moves, let your love for me remain like this.

Love spells with honey and urine

The binding of love with honey and urine to sweeten the relationship with another person. To do this, a container, honey, urine and a photo of the loved one are used. In a container with a lid a little honey is put and in another similar container our urine is placed, if possible the first morning.

Then, go to a garden or park and dig a hole to put the picture in the background and recite the words of the spell of love. Finish by pouring urine over the photo while you say: “may my essence attract you to me” and then drop the honey saying: “may the sweetest thing you ever taste in life be my lips. Amen”.

Love spells with honey, cinnamon and sugar

It’s a love spell with honey on a full moon. This love tie has as main elements honey, cinnamon and sugar but apart from them you need red rose petals, a photo of the loved person and yours, a paper with a written desire and a plate. Place the photo on top of the plate facing up, then place the paper with the written wish on top and the photograph of the loved one face down on top.

Then water the photo with honey, sugar, cinnamon powder and rose petals. Remove the plate at nightfall to take advantage of its effects for three nights. Finally, bury things without getting any sun and in a few days you will see the results.

Love spells with honey and perfume

They are spells of love with honey to fall in love with a woman and get to conquer her heart and make her go crazy for you. In this mooring of love is needed: a photo of you and another of the woman to fall in love, six red roses, your favorite perfume, a red thread and a glass bottle. Start by removing the petals from the red roses and place them inside the bottle. While you do it, recite this: “Just as I love you, I want you to love me and with this enchantment fall in love, be passionate and go crazy with love for me”.

Then sprinkle a little perfume on the petals. Then, place the pictures together looking at each other, tie them with the red thread and repeat the previous sentence. Finally, put the photos into the jar, cover it and keep it for seven days. After this time, open the jar and let the aroma mix with the atmosphere so that love will find you.

Love spells with honey and red candle

They are spells of love with honey to return that beloved person who has left our side but we long to have again. For this spell is used: a red candle, honey and red petals. To start with a knife in the candle records the initials of the special person and yours and the wishes you want to get. Now sprinkle the candle with honey and glue the petals over it. Light it and let it be consumed and end up collecting the remains in a bag to take with you.

Another option are the love spells with honey and white candle that are used so that your partner does not abandon you. The elements used are: olive oil, a white candle and wooden matches. This spell must be performed when the couple is sleeping. Light the candle while you say the following: “So that we always look like now, that for you and me this is our home.

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