6 Powerful White Magic Money Spells

6 Powerful White Magic Money Spells

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A white magic money spell can be used to help you get through periods of severe financial stress. You also need to work hard to overcome your financial problems before they become more complex. A white magic spell caster is a holistic healer who uses plants, herbs and energy from the earth to casts spells to ensure your welfare and make your career successful.  A white magic spell is an intention lit on fire whereas a curse is an acceptance of someone’s actions or words against you.

White Magic Money spells can help us make money but cannot solve the problems unless we work hard for the results. The spell is a word, phrase or a statement which you could repeat for inspiration or focus on your mind while chanting and meditating. It can be a wonderful thing as it helps motivate you in the right direction for earning money. People have employed White magic spells to sow the seeds of aspiration to reap maximum benefits and help you to achieve financial prosperity. The benefits can come in many forms, including finding success running a business or succeeding in your profession. It can inject passion into a person to come out of financial crunch and bring success into his life. Write your spell down on a clean piece of paper. Then read it out loud, repeating it again and again so that the energy of words ripple through your body. The candles can be used for involving healings, new beginnings and for spiritual growth. Each color carries a different meaning and a varied energy frequency. It is used to create a particular response by the spell caster and to attract energies to get the desired results. White money magic does not do any harm on you and does not infringe upon the will of others. It surrenders to the higher power and while doing so you must trust the Universe to get whatever you want.

After casting the spells, you will feel that everyone around you is helping you make your wishes come true and roll the wheel of Money fortune in your direction. The White magic will not work until the person has been cast a poverty curse of the family is cursed. For that the Money spell caster has to clean your energies and karma from all negative energies before casting the money spell.

A White magic spell caster teaches you how to harness your intuitive powers, make your work purposeful and productive using the tools and techniques acquired over the years to make a person well to do in his life. You must believs that there is a special power in the names of God and a special power in the words and phrases that God speaks. We can help you cast a Money magic spell that can remove all the obstacles in your path and help you to flourish as you try to attain your financial goals.

Here are six more money spells worth giving a try.


1 Orange candle
Rosemary plant
Parsley plant
Good grass plant
Basil plant
Large flowerpot
Cinnamon incense
Lottery ticket (no longer in use)

Take the pot and sow the lottery ticket into the soil. This must be done underground. Then you have to veil the pot to get the energy you want. You will do this by taking the orange candle and praying the following invocation.

“In the name of Almighty God I offer this sowing of plants with the permission of the Universal Creator and all the great Spirits of Light. I offer and commend the aromas of these plants for my protection, my luck, my progress and to overcome obstacles that arise in my path. Amen:

Note: Once it has been veiled, you must place the flowerpot in a visible place of your house or balcony. You must say the invocation from time to time to further enhance the energy of the pot.


Father creator, light of the universe your abundance is infinite. Make part of it reach me, in harmony now and forever. Thank you Father for all that you are giving me. Amen


4 different yellow flowers
Cinnamon powder
Personal Perfume
3 bay leaves
3 yellow or white candles.


Add about 3 liters of holy water, the petals of the 4 flowers, cinnamon, honey and bay leaves. Let it boil a few minutes until you see that the petals of the flowers are semi-transparent. Turn off the water and add the squirt of your personal perfume. Let it rest and then strain the bath. Take the bottle and put in the fridge.

You must take the bath three days in a row. Before giving them, you must veil them with a yellow or white candle. Saying the following prayer.


Father of Providence. I implore you by divine grace that my luck is good spiritually and I can always solve my material problems and be lucky in everything I do and undertake, so be it, Amen.


September 29th



1 Sunflower.
1 yellow candle and 1 blue candle.
1 St. Michael the Archangel Stamp.
1 Image of St. Michael the Archangel.
1 Pyrite or 3 Chinese coins.
1 Citrus fruit incense.
1 Sea Salt.
1 Protective oil and sunflower or gold/silver.
Grated mandarin or orange.


All the materials are prepared on the table, a vase is placed with the Sunflower, a glass of water, incense and the image of St. Michael the Archangel.

After you have everything in place, begin the ritual. Light the incense and take the yellow candle and attach it with sunflower oil from the wick to the base of the candle 7 times to attract all the prosperity you need. Take the blue candle and attach it with wick protection oil to the base of the candle 7 times to attract protection to that prosperity. Visualize protection and prosperity as you do so. Spread the mandarin or orange zest (if you wish as a detonating agent) on the table and pass the yellow candle from outside to inside 7 times. While you do this, make sure that it is well covered with the mandarin or orange. Put it on the right side of the image of St. Michael the Archangel. Be careful to make sure that the blue candle is not added to the mandarin or orange. Place it on the left side of the image now light them to give light and prosperity to the Ritual:


As you anoint the candle and pass them through the orange or mandarin zest you must visualize what you wish to attract whether it be with business, a job, etc., with all the strength of your heart. Most importantly, make sure that you do this with as much faith as possible. Believe firmly in what you are doing.

Now take the stamp and anojala with the protective oil, in the same way take the pyrite or Chinese coins and do the same but with sunflower oil. Now take the stamp and the stone or coins in your hands and recite the following prayer:

Mighty St. Michael the Archangel
Guardian and Protector.
In your hands I place these coins
As a sign of prosperity
To wrap them in your splendorous light
fill them with your energy and so on.
Protect my prosperity
So be Amen.

Place the stone or coins with the stamp between the two candles. Now spread the mandarin or orange rind around the ritual to seal it. Then take the salt that is previously in a container and offer it to the Divine Light of the candles and also to St. Michael the Archangel and recite the following:

I invoke you St. Michael the Archangel
To seal with Salt
This sacred circle
That he’d stay focused on.
Protection and prosperity
For which I have asked you so much

Take the salt and spread it around the ritual, as you did with the orange zest, and the circle will be sealed, now thanks to St. Michael the Archangel and let the candle be consumed.

I thank you St. Michael the Archangel
To protect my prosperity
And give me your energy and light

When the candle is finished, take the stone or coins and carry them with you, and place the stamp in your wallet, where you put the money.

Lunar Conjunction: Full Moon


Low denomination banknote.
1 glass


Fill a glass with water and add a grape. Place a low-value bill inside the glass and leave it on a full moon night in your window frame. For the next three nights, add a tablespoon of sugar to the glass. Always do this a few minutes before midnight. On the fourth day, take the banknote. Let it dry in the sun and then wrap it with a handkerchief. Keep it in a wallet or purse that you no longer use. Repeat the ritual three times a year. Always keep the bills together, inside the same handkerchief. The grapes should be buried in a pot while you do this. As long as you maintain the ritual throughout the year, you will have money all year round and your wallet will not be empty.



1 pinch of onion powder
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1 teaspoon of grated lemon cacara.
1 pinch of sea salt
3 leaves of ground mint
1 pinch of brewer’s yeast.


Although it may seem like a culinary recipe, it is undoubtedly a good recipe to attract sales and great financial success. Gather all the ingredients in a bowl and try to mix them thoroughly. If possible, pulverize them with a mortar. Spray this fine powder every Wednesday at the entrance of your business. You can also place a little on the shelves in a corner. Just add a pinch. You can place it in the cash register inside a small box where it won’t be seen. It will give you good results, try it and you’ll see. Good luck.

To counteract negativity
and acquire prosperity and wealth

1 Purple oil.
1 purple candle.
1 piece of paper
Black ballpoint pen.


Purple oil: This oil consists of a mixture of various oils such as: violet oil, mandarin oil and a drop of natural purple dye.
First, the candle must be anointed with purple oil. This will be done from the wick of the candle to the base. Then we will take the piece of paper and there with black pen we will write the following:


“All those obstacles that impede my path are at this moment destroyed and dissolved, for my good and for my benefit, so it is written and so I decree”.

If the ritual is for someone else, just add the name.

Fold the paper where you wrote the spell into three parts. Light the candle and proceed to burn the paper. Invoke the power of fire and its elemental spirits by repeating the following three times:


“Fire Salamander, help me to unlock all that is impeding my advancement, that no negative energy can with me, your fire Salamander protect me from all evil, make all negativity become beneficial. So be it sealed.

Let the paper is consumed and the candle in the same way, this ritual can do a total of 7 times a month or even once a day in a week, the important thing is the energy you have to do it must be positivity and faith in your desire.

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