Money Magia Rituals with San Juan the Baptist

Money Magia Rituals with San Juan the Baptist

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San Juan the Baptist is a saint that is known for invoking prosperity. Performing some rituals for him could make a difference in your financial fortune. Here are some to try.


You will need to start this ritual by taking three coins, a pyrite, a clay casserole, a stamp of Saint John the Baptist, a blue candle and a yellow candle. If it is raining on the day you try this ritual, then you should collect some of the rainwater in a glass or cup. If there is no rain that day, you should try using holy water instead. Place the coins and the stamp inside the casserole. Put a candle on each side and light them both with matches. It does not matter which candle you light first. Wet the coins with your right hand fingers and say the following: “Mighty St. John the Baptist blesses my salary and this money which represents my work, which I have earned with determination and pleasure. Do not allow curses for me or mine. Give me health to earn my livelihood and your company to know how to use it. The casserole will be left in the kitchen and each week you will put three coins, repeating the same prayer. When you have enough money, spend it only on food and you will see how the money multiplies.


Working with mother nature helps us invoke many magical spells. You can harness her energy and wonderful plants to nourish our spirit, mind and body. We can ask her to give us a little economic stability. Since plants are living organisms that attract a lot of energy, they can be used for casting money spells. You can sow coins in your balcony garden, or in pots that are growing the following plants:

These beautiful plants make our home more fresh. In the process, they are also providing us with rejuvanating energy that allows prosperity to enter our homes. If you want to perform this ritual, it is a good idea to take good care of your plants first. They will have more energy to share if you have spoiled them first.

As Valentine’s Day approaches I leave you here some invocations for love. Remember to do it with a lot of faith and good intentions.


1 Orange Velon.
1 orange stick
1 essential oil of mandarin or orange
1 Pyrite Stone (fool’s gold)
1 Myrrh Incense.

It takes a lot of time and preparation to perform this ritual to get the best results. Write the word PROSPERITY on the candle three times from bottom to top with an orange stick. Then dress it with the orange oils. While doing this, you should thinking to yourself about what you want. Make sure that you have strong intentions and are optimistic that you will get the results you seek. Light the candle while you do this. Again, make sure that you maintain a strong mindset and have faith that your goals will be reached.


7 sunflowers
7 yellow candles
Some citrus scent.
Prayer to San Juan del Dinero


Put approximately 1 liter of water in your container. This should be enough for 7 baths, one for every day of the week. Then add the sunflowers into the water. When it starts boiling, add the honey, cinnamon and citrus essence (if you can not get citrus essence you can put the shell of a lemon or orange). Let it boil for a few moments and then turn off the heat and let it rest.
It is strained and 7 baths are going to be taken out, keep them in glass bottles in the refrigerator to keep them from deteriorating. This bath must be done for 7 consecutive days. Before placing the bath should light a yellow candle and pray the prayer to San Juan del Dinero. Ask him for prosperity. It must be constant for this bath and you will see the results. }

Prayer to San Juan del Dinero

I (to say name), I invoke the benefactor spirit of Don Juan del Dinero, to be my help and support. May he protect my soul and my body, may he increase my wealth, may he provide me with abundance and happiness, and may everything I undertake come to a good end. (Pray three Our Fathers).

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