Powerful Spell to Bind an Obnoxious Coworker or Rival

Powerful Spell to Bind an Obnoxious Coworker or Rival

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Whether it’s some boss or coworker who envies us, jealousy or simply hates us, some classmate or acquaintance who doesn’t stop throwing aggressive passive aggressions at us or full of annoying comments, everything can be very uncomfortable.

To try to calm the spirits or that bad vibe of those people who want to irritate us and even hurt us, we recommend the following ritual with a couple of potions that can help us a little in these matters that cause headaches and bad times.

In your workspace light a blue candle, which represents peace and tranquility, to bring a little serenity to the environment.

Let’s start with a simple practice. Write down on a small piece of paper three times in a row the full name of the person you would like to calm down.

You will fold the paper very well and place it inside a small glass jar, which we will fill with alternate layers of brown sugar and honey.

Fill the jar with honey and sugar to “sweeten” symbolically the character of this character. Close the jar tightly and keep it until you notice a difference in his treatment.

We will make a tea or infusion that we hope to serve to that complicated person. We’ll start by boiling water in a pot and adding orange wedges as a base for the drink.

This orange tea is known to be good for slimming, but will serve as a primary ingredient that gives flavor to the infusion.

Add a few leaves of lemon balm, also known as lemon balm. It serves to calm people, is relaxing and low levels of anxiety and stress.

Also put some cinnamon, if you want in powder or in the piece and sweeten it with a little natural honey.

The idea is that you offer orange tea with lemon balm so that the powers of the latter release the aggressiveness and control their attitude.

If he refuses and doesn’t want your gift, you can put the infusion in a dropper and add a few drops to his usual water, tea, coffee or drink, although it is more obviously recommended that he accept your “peace offering”.

If you consider this too risky, there is another effective potion with more plants and herbs with esoteric powers that you can complement. But WARNING, it is important to emphasize that it is NOT to be drunk.

Once again, let’s prepare a pot of boiling water to create our infusion.

Let’s start with marjoram leaves, which are widely used for digestive diseases such as ulcers, colics or spasms.

It adds a lot of basil, since it has great esoteric powers not only to attract good luck and prosperity, but to remove all negativity from a space.

Dill is another magic herb we’re going to add to the mix. Among its many uses are as a good plant protection and relaxation.

Let us add lavender flowers, which promote happiness, love, inner peace and a good state of mind. And, of course, good fragrance to cover the environment.

Add a finishing touch of honey to sweeten the potion. After it boils, let it cool by mixing all the ingredients.

Next, strain everything and transfer it to a container so you can use it in an atomizer.

Spray your home and office and any space where you feel that negativity. If it is with a particular person, for example, their room or office or even one of their clothes.

We hope it will be helpful and, as always, we recommend that, even if negative people want to affect you with their behavior, you always have to emanate good vibes, tolerance and tranquility.

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