Using Moon Magic with Menstrual Blood

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Every woman is a witch. Menstruation or menstrual blood, also known as a “period,” is the regular discharge of blood from the uterus through the vagina. The word ‘Menstrual’ derives from the green “μήνας” and the Latin “mensis” which actually means “month”. It is extremely interesting that the average length of the human menstrual cycle is similar to that of the lunar cycle. This is why Women and the Great Goddess have always been associated with the Moon and its Powers.

Menstrual Blood Spells

In ancient times, the first menstrual blood was a sign that a girl was in tune with the Great Goddess. Menstrual Blood is a harbinger of the blood of the goddess of immortality. It is the bearer of the Life that comes directly from its Source, the Great Goddess. A sign of fertility, a sign of creativity and true magic.

In fact, you can harness its power once you understand it:

During menstruation, you enter a moment of spiritual fertility (unlike the infertile time of your body, thus achieving balance).
Your body may feel weak or tired, but this is when your Sacred Feminine Energy is Awakened!
The pumping rate of the blood flow resembles the tides of the sea.
Ovulation is equal to the full moon – Menstruation is equal to the new moon, the moment of its full magical power.
Scientific studies have shown that peak rates of conception and ovulation appear to occur during the full moon. Most menstruation occurs during the new moon. When you are menstruating, you are entering the phase of your Great Magic Power: the Greatest Mysteries. Time equals the New Moon, the darkest of Nights steeped in infinite possibilities – that’s how you get the power!

The Magical Tradition of Menstrual Blood

The power of menstruation was well known in ancient religions. Egyptian priests and priestesses prepared a magical potion with menstrual blood to connect with the female deities. Menstrual blood is believed to be a source of eternal life. According to the Nordic religion, the god Thor attained a great state of power and eternal life by bathing in a river of the menstrual blood of a primordial goddess. This is a symbol that Menstrual Blood is a source of divine power and magic.

Menstruation is a powerful tool in blood magic (along with the blood of childbirth). It does not require sacrifice like yours. Prepared witches and drink potions contained her menstruation to enhance her magical powers. You don’t have to drink it to get its power. The Mayan civilization identified the new moon with menstruation. They used an expression “the moon is low” or “her moon is low” to actually express that “she is menstruating.

Menstrual blood is pure magic. It is not bad, although it can be used in dark spells. Though you have your own moral compass. Don’t mess with black magic. The ancient priests prepared a “drink of immortality”. This was a magic potion that supposedly made warriors unbeatable. This potion contained menstrual blood and sperm.

Moon Flow Bath Ritual with Menstruation

First, take a spiritual bath. Organize your bathroom space with crystals, candles and essential oils that evoke tranquility, spiritual openness to the new and letting go.

Anoint a pebble with your blood: this is the old belief system that is weighing it down and slowing it down. If you use tampons during your period, consider not using them during the bath. Let the blood go. If you see rosettes and streams of feathers in the water, use your intuition.

What do shapes make you think?
How does that reflect on you, your goals?
When you have completed the spiritual bath, attach the stone to an anointed candle or effigy of the spirit or deity of your choice. Thank the old belief system for doing everything possible to protect you, but explain that you have changed and no longer need it.

Wash the stone in the bath so that the blood flows, symbolizing the old. Pass the pebble over an open flame, symbolizing purification and preparation for the new.

Get up and let the water run off while you have a final shower, letting it wash everything.

Spell with menstruation and coffee to speed up

As an example of the practice of hoodoo, you can put the chicory coffee beans in a sealed bag with holes and keep them in your vagina for a few hours while you are menstruating, then grind the beans and serve the coffee you want. It is said that chicory accelerates and agitates the spirit. Hopefully it won’t be necessary to say it, but don’t store anything in your vagina for more than several hours.

Spell with Menstruation and Calming Tea

Alternatively, if you want to calm someone else down (let’s say you’ve had a fight and need to create a neutral atmosphere), then making them a cup of tea with a small amount of your menstrual blood can help calm their energy towards you. Pulling them into your personal sphere.

Magic of Attraction – Making a jar of honey with menstrual blood
Bees are the greatest alchemists of all. Honey has long been used for its magical properties. Aphrodite and Bread are just two of the many deities associated with bees and honey. In Celtic mythology, bees associate with wisdom and act as messengers between our world and the spiritual realm. Bees and their honey have been used to treat all ailments under the sun in folklore all over the world and, as they pollinate plants, bees are associated with growth.

Who wouldn’t want to perform the magic associated with growth, pollination of an idea or goal, sending messages to the spirit world through a trusted messenger?

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