A Powerful Love Spell from the God Oshun

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Love Rituals with Oshun

There are a great variety of moorings and spells that can help attract love, as their purpose is to clear the way and channel the energies to grant what is desired. Below, we share one of the best known tools when it comes to esotericism. They are the rituals of love that are cast by paying homage to the goddess Oshun.

Origin of Santeria

The rites destined to Santeria are not new since this religion dates from the time of the colony, when people from Africa were taken as slaves. These people were located in various regions of Central and South America, where they kept their customs rooted and although they still used the saints of the Lokumi religion. They had to keep them hidden from people that practiced Catholicism, and this is why and in a tone of mockery were called santeros, for the worship they professed to the saints and not to God.


After reading a bit of history, there are several saints of great stature, belonging to this religion where Oshun comes from, daughter of Obatala and Yemaya. Besides them, Eleggua, Oggun, Yewa, among others, can be named. Oshun, according to her iconography, is represented as a beautiful woman, to whom the color yellow and the Saturday belong, together with copper as metal. Fertility and rivers are also attributed to her. Being the most revered for matters of love and fertility.

Oshun’s Love Spells

Oshun’s Love Spells
Oshun spell with coconut
To perform a ritual requiring Oshun’s favors, we will need the following materials:

  • Dry coconut
  • A pink candle
  • 5 types of hard liquor (whatever they are)
  • A small glass
  • Honey from bees
  • White sugar, brown sugar and molasses
  • A medium plate
  • A yellow ribbon and a pink one

To start the ritual, break the coconut in two parts, preferably in half, and pour the mixed liqueurs into the bowls. Next, add the molasses, sugar and honey.

Then the two halves are joined without worrying that what is inside is thrown away, tied with the ribbons and placed on the plate.

The candle is lit and with a lot of faith and surrender Oshun is prayed to open the paths to the desired person and bring her to your side.

The coconut is kept this way for 5 days and then thrown into a stream or river.

You should be aware of the following days, as there will be many signs that will show you how the spell works. These signs show that everything is going on and that the universe is fulfilling your wish. Just stay calm and act as much as you can within your circle of control. If you want more information about the latter I recommend you read this article: http://hechizosamor.net/los-amarres-de-amor-funcionan/

Spell Oshun with the candles of love

To do the next ritual you need to:

  • Pure bee honey
  • Five yellow candles
  • A round mirror
  • Sandalwood oil
  • Red rose petals.
  • Mix the honey with the sandalwood oil and pour a little of the mixture over the candles.

On a table place the lighted candles around the mirror and petals while reciting:

“O great goddess Oshun full of wisdom and love, guide and enlighten the love of (NAME OF PERSON) as my intentions are good and I only desire your love.

He waits for the candles to be consumed for the spell to have its effect. All that remains is to wait.

Spell to Oshun of the loving Honey

For this ritual you require pure bee honey, a photo of yourself, a yellow candle, a photo of the person, a small plate and a small hook. After having the materials, you must consider that if you do it on a Saturday and in a continuous way, the effects will be the best. Place the honey in the whole photograph of the person to whom the spell is directed so that it sticks to yours face to face. You must then go through both photos with the hook and put them on the plate. Then, take the candle and spread honey on it over the photos, while you beg Oshun to guide his love to you, proceed to light the candle. When there is nothing left of it, collect the remaining wax and throw it into the river while waiting patiently for what will happen.

Spell Oshun of Sweet Love

In the next ritual you will need a yellow candle, honey, a shower of candy, ground cinnamon, bread paper, flowers, and a glass or ceramic plate. At the beginning of this ritual, your names are placed on the paper, and this in the plate, pours abundant honey on it. To continue, spread the cinnamon and confetti on the paper so that the names are completely covered. Finally, carry the plate in front of the image of Oshun, ring his bell, and pray to him with great faith that your love will come and nothing will separate you.

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