Powerful Spell to Bind a Dangerous Enemy

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Water is capable of purifying and cleaning that which is contaminated, so a method of protection and avoiding damage or reversing it is to perform a spell to freeze a person. Look!

Performing a spell to freeze an evil person is very delicate, because you should do it only when you see that someone especially wishes you evil with envy and / or evil eye and does everything possible to prevent you from advancing in your personal or professional life.

The objective of a freezing spell is to appease, ward off anger and soothe the pain that a specific person or situation that harms you, because their energy decreases. When you do it for your personal well-being is very safe, because it is white magic.

Take a couple of blank papers. On one write in black ink the full name of the person you want to disappear from your life or stop harming you. You could add other data such as date of birth, address. On another piece of paper, write in red ink the reasons why you want that person or situation to stay away from you.

Fold your papers and place them in a glass with rosemary and rue. Fill it with water and freeze it. To reinforce the neutralizing power of the spell, you can freeze a property or photo of that person.

If you don’t have rosemary and rue, you can replace them with five tablespoons of grain salt, a few drops of vinegar, a little black pepper and a few drops of lemon.

To give more intention and strength to your spell at the time of placing the papers in the glass with water, repeat this with a loud and secure voice:

“From this moment, and as long as I want, you will remain frozen, annulled against me, the cold will not allow you to do anything again against me, or against mine, you can never hurt me, so it is, so it will be, forever and ever.

Place the glass in the freezer and cover it. Take care that nobody takes it out of there, until that person or situation has stopped hurting you.

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