8 Powerful Protection Spells to Guard Against Evil

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Protection spells belong to white magic, because during their realization, the beings of the highest light, such as archangels and catholic saints, are invoked to destroy works of black or demonic magic. Let’s look at some protection spells:

Protection Spell I

Protection for a Loved One

We will create a small altar on a table that we will cover with a white cloth and in its center we will put a glass full of fresh coconut water in which we will have introduced a small quartz. To the right, a white candle and to the left our cauldron with a little honey.

We will light the candle, we will take the photograph with both hands and, while we make aloud the request, we will submerge the photo in the interior of glass. Next, we will spill four drops of honey, forming a cross on the water.

When the candle has been consumed, we will deposit the remains of wax in the interior of the glass. Cover the whole with the cloth and let it rest for 24 hours.

After this time, put the quartz and what remains of the photograph well drained in a white bag and give it, as an amulet, to the person to protect.

Protection spells II
People Cleaning Spell

To do a cleaning the first thing to do is to freeze the people who hurt us.

It freezes putting on a piece of paper the name and date of birth of the people who are hurting us in order to keep them away from us. This paper is placed in a plastic cup with water and this cup is placed in the freezer. This operation can be repeated as many times as necessary.

Then start with a novena.

In which you do discharge baths every day (immersion baths with water with coarse salt) and wash your feet with pure white vinegar when you leave the bath.

Simultaneously during those nine days you will light a violet candle with your name and date of birth. Writings on the candle from bottom to top. With two white candles on the sides (the white candles represent your protective angels). Ideally, the candles should be lit at 22:30.

Then repeat the baths and candles Tuesday and Friday for two months. That is to say, the complete treatment is nine days plus two months.

When you light the candles you are going to say this prayer to break every spell:

Thank you my God that you always listen to me”.

In the morning when you wake up you will close the Aura every day and every time you meet people who have a low vibration or cause you any harm.

“Holy Spirit closes my Aura so that no Incarnate or Disincarnate person can harm me. Come to me only those who bring me Good. Thank you.”

At the same time you cover yourself with a purple mantle of protection.

It is better if you wear a Silver Cross and always carry the image of St. Benedict the Abbot and St. George. St. Benedict undoes the curses and St. George destroys the devil. Silver reflects and gives protection. The Cross must always be blessed.

It can also be reinforced at night by buying a crystal glass or crystalline glass that no one else uses.

Put the glass with water under the bed at head height when you go to bed, saying:

“Almighty and Eternal God take away evil and bring in good. Thank you.”

In the morning you must observe how the water is, and throw it to the toilet, wrap the glass, no one else touches it and keep it on the light table.

If the water has bubbles, it is necessary to take a bath of discharge.

If the water is clean and has nothing, you are not absorbing negative energy. That’s good.

Protection spells against negative energies:
Protection Spell III


Essences of: Against envy, Scared mavita, rejects damage, dispossession, destroys, opens roads.
Branches of: Bretonica, Altamisa, Bitter Broom, Chicory.

All ingredients should be boiled in sufficient water. Then strain and the resulting water is mixed with the essences. With this preparation you bathe every other day for 7 weeks.

Protection Spell IV


Blue soap
7 lemons
Deer Horn
Essences of everlasting life, harmony, peace, destrancadera and musk.

Boil the blue soap together with the 7 lemons chopped in cross. Then in a tobo with water add this mixture and add the baking soda, the deer’s horn and the blue. In another tuff the essences are mixed in water. With the mixture of the first tuff seven baths are given during seven days, and then with the mixture of the second tuff 7 more days are given baths.

Protective spells against the evil eye:
Protection spell V


Red ribbon
Red corals
Red Thread

A bracelet is made with the red corals sewn to the red ribbon with the thread of the same color. This bracelet is placed on the right wrist.

Protection Spell VI


A frying pan
Tobo with water.

Melt the tin in the frying pan. Place the person lying down and cover with a white sheet. Then pass the frying pan with the melted tin some distance away and make 3 crosses, one on the head, one on the trunk and one on the feet. Immediately throw the tin carefully into the water tobo and after solidified analyze the figure that remains.

Protective spells against theft:
Protection spell VII


Five cloves
Five grams of pepper
St. John’s Wort
Metallic container

Place the ingredients in the metal container and burn them, when smoking pass this smoke to the people you want to protect.

Protection Spell VIII


Vinegar in sufficient quantity.

The perimeter walls of your house should be washed with enough vinegar. Ensure that the vinegar creates a protective barrier against all types of theft, robbery or bad influences.

As you can see, protection spells are very numerous and cover more situations than those described here. Other protective spells also apply to situations such as: Envy, child protection, animal protection, to have pleasant dreams, etc. All protective spells represent an obligatory step in a consultation, where it has been determined that the respondent is a victim of dark work or black magic.

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