Cast a Beauty Spell with Cinnamon and Rose Petals

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Are you interested in learning a new beauty spell? We are going to share one that uses two ingredients frequently used for love magic.

Rose petals have been symbols of love since the Classical Era. They were associated with the goddess Aphrodite (or Venus for people following the Roman pantheon). They have always been seen as relics of love and romance ever since.

Cinnamon is another ingredient that is often associated with love. It is not as widely known as roses, but still evokes powerful love energies. Burning cinnamon is often used to cast spells of protection, but it can also be used for love spells as well.

A Beauty Spell with Cinnamon and Rose Petals

How do these ingredients work? They can use their magical properties in many ways. One way is to make you more beautiful, so love magic works more naturally.

Here is a powerful beauty spell that relies on cinnamon and rose petals.

Material required:

A deep plastic plate
Seven cups of water
Seven teaspoons powdered cinnamon
Essence of Musk
Red rose petals

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To perform this beauty spell, you must start by boiling seven cups of water over a low heat. Once it’s ready, pour it into the plastic bowl and then add the rest of the ingredients: powdered cinnamon, Musk essence and red rose petals. The water must remain well heated, so you’ll have to do all this white magic spell quickly to prevent everything from losing its effectiveness when it cools down.

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Now you must bring your face closer to the plastic plate and cover your head with a towel to prevent the steam from escaping: you will notice a lot of heat on your face, but you must endure about 15 or 20 minutes, while your skin and soul are purified. After that time, wash your face with cold water and apply honey to your skin. Let it rest for five minutes and remove it with great delicacy and tenderness.

Look at yourself in the mirror, smile from the depths of your soul and recite the following white magic spell: “May beauty and inner purity illuminate my face and may my light radiate to the world through my eyes. Do this beauty spell twice a week for a minimum period of three months and you will see your overall appearance improve and everyone will notice you more beautiful, relaxed and serene inside and out.

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