7 Powerful Spells to Attract the Boy You Love

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Love magic is very popular these days. With so many single people struggling to find love on Tinder or elsewhere, they are turning to magic as a way to find their partner. There are many different ways to cast love spells. Some are better for some situations than others. You need to know the context of your own situation before choosing the right spell. Here are seven great spells that will help you find the boy of your dreams.

1. To meet a gallant

Draw a heart on a green candle and tie a yellow ribbon to its base. Light it for a while on Wednesday and say in a low voice: Hemers, messenger of life and love, make new travelers and horizons pass by my path, so that I can meet other people like me. Do the spell until you meet someone special.

2. To think of you

Imagine the boy you want to think of you, and once you have his image, close your eyes and mentally, repeat three times his name, adding, if you want, the phrase “I love you”. I’m sure he’ll remember you. He may tell you the next day or communicate with you. This detail will help him to pay more attention to you.

3. To be called

Write his name with a pencil on a piece of paper and stick it on the back of your cell (so no one knows about the spell) with the name facing him. You can also put it under your home phone (without gluing it). If the boy suits you, he will call you.

4. Make him arrive to you

If the boy of your dreams does not dare to declare his love to you and you are already super sure that he likes you and they have gone out several times, do the following: draw a circle with the number five inside and also write his name with red ink. Put the circle under your bed and before going to sleep, preferably on Friday, imagine him kissing you or telling you if you want to be his girlfriend. Leave the circle there until the wish is fulfilled.

5. For when you don’t have a boyfriend

To wait for your love without anxiety, dress in white and with a chalk, draw a circle on the floor. Get into it and feel its protection. Light a white candle while you say: “I am not alone, I am always with me. My partner will arrive when he has to. You can do this every Monday until you are no longer sad to be alone. You will see that when you least expect it, a suitor will be knocking on your door.

6. To turn friendship into something more

You get along great with him, but they’re just friends and you want to know if there’s anything else. Give him a red candy or an apple casually and in the evening of that day, light a red candle next to a heart where their names are (yours and his). If some of the wax falls into it (without traps) you have a chance, and the candy or apple will make it remember you! Keep treating him well and give time to time.

7. To increase your attractiveness

Clean a circular mirror with rose essence and look at yourself in it every day. Bathe with rose water on Fridays and say “Venus, bathe me with your energy of love and make me reflect it internally and externally, so that both I and the world realize it”. 3. At night, place a rose quartz next to your bed and take it with you when you need to feel more attractive.

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