7 Money Spells Even the Newest Witch Can Perform

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I promised I would share some money spells with you in a couple of weeks. I am ahead of schedule, because I was able to get them out sooner than I thought!

You can find some great spells in the book: Magickal Riches: Occult Rituals For Manifesting Money. You can also look at our reviews on other great money magic books here.

You probably struggle living paycheck to paycheck no matter how hard you work. The truth is that the money is worth less every day, so you need a new job where you get paid more or a raise. You may even need to do other work  in your spare time to get extra money.

However, there are other methods to get money quickly and effectively, such as some rituals that  have been practiced in different cultures for years.

Here are some rituals to bring economic prosperity to your life and even your business, so that you multiply the money and never lack prosperity.

  1. Have a Saint Patrick

St. Patrick is the saint of those afflicted by poverty, work and health, so it is recommended to have one at home or in the office to attract money quickly.

Once you have it, place a coin with a hole in the center on your finger. This should never point to a window or door, because this will only cause the opposite effect.

  1. To protect your money

You should have a small jar or jar with a lid, red ribbon, honey and three coins on hand. Place the coins in the jar, then fill it with honey and close it. Tie the red ribbon around it, with 3 knots, and while doing them, say out loud: “I bind for myself luck, prosperity and wealth.

Place the jar somewhere in your house for three days. You will see that during that time you will not need money and also, you will protect the one you have so that you do not spend it easily.

  1. To attract quick money

You need 5 cinnamon sticks, a dry orange peel, a liter of water and a green candle.

Bring the cinnamon, the orange peel and the liter of water to a boil, then let the mixture rest and cool down. Pour the liquid into a sprayer. Light the candle in your living room and sprinkle all the rooms as you repeat: “Lord, assist me at this moment to make progress in my life, so that my ways may be opened. Give me clarity and perseverance to accomplish my purposes. So be it, so be it, so be it.”

When you finish, leave the candle burning for at least an hour, but if you leave it longer, so the ritual will be faster and more effective. To extinguish it, don’t blow it out because the ritual loses effect. You must do it every Tuesday and Thursday after 6 pm, for as long as you like.

  1. For money to knock on your door

You must collect many coins of low denominations, those you hate when you get change, and water them on the floor of your house, in an open space. Never keep them under the furniture.

When you place the coins, say out loud: “Money on the floor brings money to my door. Repeat it with each coin you put in, and when you’re done, repeat the phrase a couple more times to make it work better.

  1. Simple but effective

Before going to sleep, take a lime, cut it into a cross and leave it under your bed for 7 days. When the week is over, pick it up with your left hand, using a glove or handkerchief, and throw it somewhere with water. With this action, the lemon picks up the bad vibes so that they don’t reach you and you can attract money.

  1. Buy the figure of an elephant

Ideally, it should be white and should always have the horn facing upwards and directed towards the interior of the house or business, never facing the windows or doors.

On the 29th of each month, place a banknote of the lowest value in the elephant’s trunk, folded in two along the length and repeat: “Let this be multiplied by 100”; then fold it again, now in width and say: “Let this be multiplied by a thousand”. Unfold the banknote and leave it in the elephant’s trunk until the following month and restart the ritual by changing the banknote.

  1. Calling for money

To do this ritual you will need: a handful of green stones, a coin and three yellow candles in a glass. With the stones, trace a triangle, placing one of the candles on each side. Place the coin in the center, light the candles and make your economic request aloud, repeating it 3 times. Let the candles burn and extinguish on their own, and get ready to receive what you want!

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